Sunday, May 15, 2016

Baby Noah - 9 Months


Thank god.  Mama is ready to sleep again.

At 9 months once again I'd just like to direct you here to read Jett's update.

No?  Not cool?


At 9 months Baby Noah is doing exactly what Baby Jett did.

He's lightening fast when crawling ESPECIALLY if you leave a bathroom door open.  He will make a beeline for bathrooms.  LOVES BATHROOMS.  Why?  Why do they like bathrooms???  So the bathroom door must remain closed at all times now.

He also REALLY likes to go outside, so again if the door is open WATCH OUT, Noah will be there in a heartbeat.

He's working on stairs.  He's made it all the way up to the top a time or two, though he still has a tendency to stop and want to sit down and thus topple over backwards.  Lucky for him mama has made it to the stairs to follow close behind so that each and every time he's tumbled over I've been there to catch him.  One day I will not be there kid, DON'T TAKE A BREAK ON THE STAIRS!  It's up or down kid, up or down.

He's also really not a fan of going DOWN the stairs the way they're supposed to, you know SAFELY and backwards.  Work in progress.  There's no baby gate at the top currently...I'm thinking we might have to put one up, though really it was something I was hoping to avoid.  I loathe baby gates.

He spends most of his time standing and will cruise along furniture and move from one piece of furniture to another.  He also likes to walk with some of Jett's chairs, scooting them along the floor and walking behind.  I should really get a baby walker...

Food.  This kid is all about the food.  He LOVES food.  We're only nursing 5-6 times a day now, which is morning, after both naps, before bed and once at night (or two on really bad nights).  So much different than Jett in this one aspect.  Jett was still nursing every few hours and wasn't as into real food as this one.  Oatmeal is a current fave as well as pasta and scrambled eggs.  I think a huge part of why this one likes food is that he's offered so much more than Jett ever was.  I will pretty much give Noah anything we're eating, with Jett I definitely held back and only gave him certain foods.  I blame it on being a new mom.  I didn't let Jett have dairy or grains or just didn't think to offer him foods that didn't seem baby friendly.  This one has proven to me that I should really let HIM make that choice.  I offer almost all foods and he tries what he's interested in eating.

Chicken Tikka Masala!

Size.  I thought for sure he was bigger than Jett but after our appt last week it turns out that Noah is THE EXACT SAME SIZE AS JETT at this age.  Even though he eats and eats and eats...same size.

Height: 28 inches (me and Dr. actually think this was a mismeasurement but whatevs
Weight: 18lbs 4 oz.

Sleep.  As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, we've finally turned the corner on sleep.  Just after he turned 9 months old HE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT.  And I mean actual through the night like 7pm-6:45am through the night.  He only did it once so far but he's regularly waking only once at 3-4am which is heavenly at this point!

Naps have been good for at least the last month, both morning and afternoon are always at least an hour but less than two.  It's been so nice to finally have some planned down time in the day!  Now I KNOW I can get things done at 2 points during the day, allows me to get dinner done, do laundry etc.

And finally A TOOTH!  Just like Jett, only a few days after turning 9 months the first tooth popped out.

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  1. Yeah for sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is such a cute little stinker, seriously!