Monday, March 14, 2016

Baby Noah - 7 Months

Dear blog, you are lame these days.


One day I will write something interesting again.

But in the meantime...

At 7 months:

Noah is still fighting the good fight against sleeping more than 3-4 hours.  Sometimes he'll do a whopping 4.5 hours but usually there's a wake up somewhere around 2 hours. sleep for mama STILL.

He is also fighting the good fight against anything resembling crawling.  Tummy time equals screamy time.

But he has managed to pull to standing and would really love it if he could just stay like that all day.

Or walk.  Walking would make him happy.

Basically he is EXTREMELY frustrated that he is not more mobile and really likes to voice his frustrations.

It's super annoying.

He's doing some serious moving around in the crib these days though.  He can now roll onto his belly BUT does not seem to really enjoy the fact that he's on his belly once he's there.  So there's screaming in frustration anytime he wakes up from a nap or at night because OMG I'M ON MY STOMACH!  WHY AM I ON MY STOMACH?!  HOW DO I ROLL BACK OVER?!


In other news he LOVES eating.  His squeals and squirms in pure joy when he sees a banana, a pear or a date coming at him.  Other food loves include meatballs of all things.  Broccoli and asparagus seem to be a lot of fun to play with but he doesn't eat much of them.  He's also a huge fan of pasta!

Things he doesn't like to eat...cucumbers.  Which is weird because big brother LOVES cucumbers and it's the one veggie I absolutely ALWAYS have on hand!

We're still nursing but honestly he's not THAT into it.  He much prefers real food during the day.  At night it's a different story and he seems to want to still nurse 437 times.  I've tried offering the boob more during the day but he just isn't interested.

Such a difference compared to Jett who would happily forgo real food for boob ANYTIME.

 And how is big brother?  Big brother loves Noah and still happily includes him in all his games.  So fun watching these two start to interact!


  1. I can't believe how much BOTH your boys looks like you... just different aspects of you. I still don't see Dom much in either of them. Sorry Dom.. :-) Owen was really vocal about his frustrations to not move either and I remember months of going "just move already!!" it was super annoying. He stood more too, and walked at 10 months so maybe Noah will just forgo the crawling thing and start walking!


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