Monday, May 4, 2015

Baby #2 Bumpdate - Weeks 26 & 27

Sorry blog, I've been neglecting you.

There are things I'd like to write about.  There are things I HAVE written about, I just haven't hit publish yet.  I promise to blog more, there are things I need opinions on!

Anyway, how is it May already?

My baby is due in JULY, that is only 2 months from now!!!

Yes it's the beginning of May and the EDD is July 30, so really that's almost 3 months, but come on!  So close!

Here we go:

How far along: 27w4d

Weight Gain: 19 lbs.  Some days this feels like a lot because I only gained 23 lbs the first time with Jett and was only up 16 lbs at this point but if you think about it I was only pregnant for 10 more weeks last time and if you gain .5 lb a week then that would put me at only 24 lbs at 38 weeks.  So...right in line with last time I guess...maybe a smidge more.

What's Up with My Body: Nothing good, that's what's up with my body!  First off, I have BLEEDING hemorrhoids and OMG I want to die every morning in the bathroom, pregnancy is so unglamourous! 

Second...blood pressure is starting to rise.  FUCK!  It is not technically high yet, but it is no longer in the "normal" range and is in the "pre-hypertension" range...and I've got 12 more weeks to go.  The scariest part is the rapid rise.  It made quite a leap from my last appt just 3 weeks ago.  I'm holding out hope that it was just a one-time thing and will either stay exactly where it is for the rest of my pregnancy or will go back down into normal range.  This is actually the point in pregnancy when blood pressure will rise slightly...but with my history of course I'm worried!

My diastasis is also really bothering me.  It feels so much looser and stretchier this time around that I'm worried it won't go back as easily!  I'm also moving in ways that I didn't the first time around that really seem to put stress on the belly, like lifting a toddler in and out of a crib!  I bought a support belt that I'm going to start wearing whenever I'm more active, to see if I can't keep these tummy muscles from stretching out too much!

Gender: I've decided it's a boy now, haha!  I think it's because of the name, we're still struggling with a boy name just like with Jett and of course Jett was the only boy name we had and liked and used it, so I feel like the same thing is happening again.

Bumpdate:  Something about this bump feels different this time.  It doesn't feel as cute...and it feels bigger.  It also definitely feels WIDER, like my bump is expanding out to the side (which you can't tell from these pictures), which is why it doesn't feel as cute.  Perhaps this is actually an indicator that it's a GIRL because it is so not a basketball bump.


  1. Hope your BP remains ok... or goes down! That sucks. :-(

  2. For what it is worth I totally think it is a girl :) with a different belly and the morning sickness. BUT - that said, with the exception of R I have been wrong with everyone's babies!!