Tuesday, February 19, 2013

On The Move

Yesterday Baby Jett decided he's had enough of this baby business and that it was high time he made the move from being immobile to mobile.

At just past 6.5 months Baby Jett started to crawl.

One minute he couldn't crawl and the next he could...it was that simple and that quick.

We now have a mobile baby.

Gone are the days of sitting him down and leaving the room, knowing he can't move himself into a dangerous situation.

Gone are the days of sitting him down in the hallway outside the bathroom while I take a quick shower.

Gone gone gone.

My days are now being spent chasing after him as he hightails it around the room to chew on cords, run into corners and pull books and other heavy objects down onto himself.

Even though he has been on the verge of crawling for the last month and a half somehow I still thought I had more time.

More time to consider what will and will not need babyproofing.

More time to take long showers while the baby hangs out in the hallway.

More time to do other things during the day besides chase after a busy baby.

But what's done is done, we now have a crawler.

In other news, not only did Baby Jett decide to start crawling yesterday but...

Wait for it...

....a little bit more.....


I can't tell you for sure that there's a correlation between the crawling ie. expenditure of energy and the sleeping...but I AM CONVINCED that one is directly related to the other.

He went down at 7ish.

I fed him at 11ish.

Already that's 4 hours if you do the math!  Already I was proud of him for sleeping such a long stretch.

Then I went to bed...


That's 6 hours guys, SIX WHOLE HOURS of uninterrupted sleep!

Ok, that last part is a little bit of a lie, I did not sleep the whole 6 hours all the way through.  I woke once at 3am because DUH, THE BABY SHOULD HAVE BEEN AWAKE BY THEN, but as I lay there thinking the baby was going to wake up ANY SECOND NOW I fell back asleep and didn't wake up until 5am.

Both times I woke up and decided the baby was obviously dead because MY BABY DOESN'T SLEEP THAT LONG.  Thankfully I was wrong (it took a few minutes of staring at the monitor to determine if he was breathing or not for me to actually believe I was wrong) and he was just SO TIRED from all the crawling that he needed to SLEEP!

I have my fingers and my toes crossed that this is the new trend and he will continue sleeping better now that he's mobile.

Hopefully this concludes my sleep saga...I will update you tomorrow and let you know if he repeated this AWESOME new sleep pattern.

Everyone cross your fingers for us because MAMA IS TIRED AND SHE NEEDS HER REST NOW!


  1. This such a wonderful update. I'm a longtime follower and was sad to read the previous post where you got sick. This brings a smile to me.

    Our boys are a month apart and I'm thinking of trying the baby yoga poses with mine. Baby Jett's feeties are just soo cute in those poses.

  2. Yay for sleepin throug the night and all fingers crossed! :-)

  3. Woot! Here's to him sleeping through the night!!

    I can't believe he's crawling already! Whoa! What is that book that outlines all the milestone markers in weeks and says sleep will be disturbed until they master that skill? Did I hear about that here? I do so much late night reading now, I can't remember the name or find it again, but I want to buy it. Do you know what it is?

  4. This THIS made me smile!! We've had a first tooth today so I'm hoping this mama gets some sleep!!

  5. I never made that connection, but now that you brought it up.. crawling was when Austin started sleeping through the night too! He was on "up once or twice" forever and then suddenly it was just "boom. done. out." I bet you are right.. all that energy spent!!!! yeah! more sleep for Mommy!!!

  6. YAY for moving AND sleeping!
    Also, Stella started sleeping through the night right about when she started crawling at 8months. I never made that correlation either. :)

  7. Yay....this is how it all starts...with one good stretch and then another and then another. they may not always be one on top of the other...but they become more and more frequent until the wakeups are the out of the ordinary and the sleep throughs are the norm. So...don't get discouraged if it doesn't repeat tonight...just know that it has to start sometime and will most likely continue to get better.

    As for a mobile baby....eeek!!!! It is a game changer for sure. Time to hit up Ikea for all the baby proofing items and create some space where you can feel confident he will be okay. We also invested in some baby gates and I found one of the bigger play yards that is large and square which allowed for toys and baby to move around. That was the only way I got a shower in sometimes.


  8. YAY for sleeping through the night!!! Congrats on a mobile kid :)

  9. Ahhh sweet sleep! Good job baby J! I can't believe he's on the move! That changes things!!

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