Friday, February 1, 2013

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I want to tell you guys that my baby is sleeping like a pro now.

I really want to tell you that.  REALLY want to tell you that.

But I can't tell you that because that would be a BIG FAT lie.

That's right...10 Days into Operation Let's See Just How Stubborn My Baby Really Is and things are still really rocky.

We'll see some progress and then have a bit of a regression and then progress again...

But so far we still have lots of crying in the beginning...19 minutes last night...and we still have at least 3 wake ups and we're still topping out at 3 hours for the longest he'll sleep.

Sleep lady attributes the regression to mommy taking over while daddy was away...those were rough nights...and the fact that we've now entered Wonder Week 26.


Raise your hands if you thought CIO versions of sleep training were supposed to be quick. too.

My kid is a Leo...and he has two really stubborn parents...we knew he was bound to be stubborn but COME ON!

We're powering through in hopes that after he gets past this Wonder Week craziness he'll start to go down more readily and will stay asleep a bit easier (or at least put himself back to sleep without waking everybody up!).   

By the way he's still a craptastic half hour napper as well...just in case anyone thought maybe this night sleep training would somehow carry over into his day hasn't

It's awesome. 

There's a lot of this going on for naps these days.


And the sleep saga continues...


  1. Well as long as its two steps forward and one step back. I think you are making progress ad I applaud you for all your hard work!

    I love when my daughter falls asleep on me like that. Snuggles in after a feeding.

  2. I love reading about your experience. We also need to do this (but I don't want to)! Sounds like you're getting there.

  3. Oh gosh. I can imagine how tough it would be. My babe sleeps 3 hours at night but he is 6 weeks. He is still allowed to. I really hope that in sticking it out, you will find it's all been worth it.

  4. I TOTALLY thought CIO was the magic quick and dirty answer to sleep. Damn. I hope that it just gets better and that weeks from now (or sooner would be nice!) it will totally be worth it. But very cute pic :).

  5. Ugh, I'm sorry Momma. That has to be SO rough.
    FYI - even when Stella started sleeping through the night (or waking 1-2x) around 7 months, her naps were still 20-30 min until around 8 months or so when she just suddenly started sleeping for 1hr, then 2. I truly think some kids just don't sleep in that long of chunks when they're younger.
    Good luck with this!!

  6. Love the pic :-) That's also the Butzerl's most favorite napping position. Hubby calls it "titty sleeping" ;-)