Thursday, March 14, 2013

Baby Jett - 7 Months

Ok, 7 months, we're 7 months already!

This has been an active active month for Baby Jett.
  • He started crawling...
  • ...and climbing...
  • ...and pulling to standing.  This baby is on the move! 
  • He also sits up completely unsupported now which seems unremarkable with the crawling...but it happened at almost the same time as the crawling and is still new this month. He literally one day was a wobbly little baby and the next day was a moving, climbing, trying to walk almost toddler.  It's been non-stop every since!
  • He slept through the night, if 6 hours counts as through the night, exactly once.
Little update on the sleeping, as of Jett turning 7 months yes he only slept 6 hours once, BUT THEN, this week he slept 7 hours in a row for 3 NIGHTS IN A ROW!!!!  And is now back on his every 3 hour schedule, BUT IT HAPPENED and I have hope that he will do it again now.
  • He continues to sleep in 3-4 hour stretches...sleep training did not work as well as I had hoped.
  • He continues to suck at napping, though every once in awhile he'll sleep for an hour or an hour and a half in his crib.
  • He started solids.  He loves food, give him anything he'll eat it.  We've gone the Baby Led Weaning approach and so we just give him french fry size pieces of food and he goes to town!
  • Weighs 16 lbs. 6 oz...that's the 10-25th percentile...he's kind of skinny, the pediatrician recommended feeding solids more than once a day so we've bumped it up to at least twice a day that he gets real food now.
  • Height 27.75" which puts him in the 75th percentile.  Tall and skinny.
  • Is one busy little baby, we now have toy boxes set up in each room and we just plop him down in front of his box and he happily sits there pulling toys out, putting toys back in, crawling away from the toy box as soon as he sees a cord, or a cat, or the cat food, or anything dangerous or heavy or sharp or something to pull himself up on and we just pick him up and sit him back in front of the toy box and he starts all over.  GOOD TIMES!
  • Still loves his baths.
  • Is chatty, he blows raspberries and babbles incoherently.  But says 'mamamamama' when he's upset, SUPER CUTE.
  • Is in 6-9 month clothes, except pants he's in 9-12 month.
  • Is such a social butterfly!  He loves other people and other babies and is so content when he's around others.  He is such a showoff when we take him to hang out with friends or have people come around.  Over and over again I hear "what a good baby you have!  He's so happy and content!"  Of course he's upset as soon as we leave and he's overtired from all the showing off he's been doing, but it makes me happy that he's so content and unafraid of others!
  • Still has blue eyes, they haven't turned gray like I suspect they will yet.
  • His hair is half light brown and half blonde.  All the original baby hair is light brown and everything new growing in is blonde, it's like a patchwork quilt of brown and blonde.  I'm very curious to see what happens with his hair in the coming months! 
  • He "waves" with both hands...I don't think he knows what he's doing, but it's super cute, he looks like he's a bird trying to fly.
  • And he still has NO TEETH.  I'm perplexed by the lack of teeth, surely they should be coming in soon, no?!  He doesn't seem to be teething any more than normal, no extra drool or fussiness...who knows when those bad boys are gonna show up!


A comparison of 1 month to 7 months.  Such long legs!

 And a demonstration of our standing.  The crib has been lowered ALL THE WAY to the bottom to keep him safe because the moment he wakes up be it after naps or in the middle of the night he assumes this position.

And this one just because it's cute! 

And what Baby Jett is doing right now as I type this:


  1. He is so cute!!!! I kinda wished we did the baby-led weaning.. I did the whole "cereal/purees" thing and Austin LOVED all the purees, but as soon as we started on texture, he gagged on everything. And is still very sensitive to textures.. so all his fruits and veggies are pureed or in smoothies. I think the baby-led way is a better transition to "real" food.

  2. So cute! Yay for standing haha

  3. He's the cutest!! We have a long and lean little one too. : )

  4. He's a mover!!
    Stella didn't get her first teeth until 7.5 months (bottom 2 in the front). Not that crazy that he doesn't have them yet! :)

  5. Don't worry about the teeth. My sons first didn't come until 13 months.....

  6. So darn cute! He's so big, oh my gosh! I remember when he was born like yesterday!!

  7. He's getting so big! I love that he's standing - can't wait until Roo can do that too :)

  8. Look at those long legs!!! Crazy! And can't believe how quickly he is moving - apparently lack of sleep is NOT affecting him! That boy is on the move!

  9. Aaaaaagh! He is sooooooooooooooo cute!!!! I love reading your updates :-)