Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Half a Year Already

For the first time since Baby Jett was born I'm like OMG MY BABY IS GROWING UP SO FAST!  There's something about 6 months that's like WOW, TIME IS FLYING.

But I'm loving it!  No sad face.  No tears.  I love this kid more the older he gets =)

Yay for 6 months!
  • Weight approx 16 lbs. we don't have our real ped appt until next month.
  • Still has pretty blue eyes though I think they're turning a bit grey...like daddy's.
  • His hair is light brown and is FINALLY growing in up at the top so he doesn't look like he has a receding hairline.
  • His eyelashes have turned dark...no more blonde eyelashes.
  • Though he has been teething for 3 months he still has no teeth...not even any buds.
  • While we sort out sleep we put solids on hold, so he's still an exclusively breastfed baby.
  • He's still a Craptastic sleeper.
  • Wears 6-9 month clothes, pants he wears 9-12 month.
  • Loves the cats and I mean LOVES the cats.  Squeals with delight when they lay down on his mat with him, he "pets" them by gently touching the fur and then squeezing really hard until the cats run away...yet they keep coming back for more.
  • Changing diapers and putting clothes on this kid is now a workout and takes half an hour because HE WILL NOT STAY ON HIS BACK.  He rolls over the moment he's placed on his back...I've become an expert at putting a diaper on him while he's on his hands and knees in the crawl position.
  • Sleeps in his crib.  BIGGEST CHANGE THIS MONTH.  I'm happy with this.  I thought he would stay in the big bed for a whole year...but 6 months will have to do!
  • Sits unassisted but when he gets too excited by a toy in his mouth he has a tendency to topple over.
  • Loves his jumperoo and will happily play in it by himself for half an hour.
  • Thinks us singing to him is the funniest thing in the world...I try not to be offended but I'm pretty sure he's laughing AT me not with me.
  • Is still enthralled with watching us eat and drink...as soon as nap training is over we're starting him on solids.
  • Will put absolutely anything in his mouth, most amusingly at baby group he sucks on the other younger babies hands and feet.
  • He can mimic other babies.  He has learned how to rock in the crawling position from another baby and is attempting a crab crawl that he learned from another older baby.
  • Tries to climb on everything.  If you're holding him and he sees something he'd like to climb on he will practically dive out of your arms...he appears to be more of a rough and tumble kind of kid than a watch and observe one!
How he'd prefer to have his picture taken...

Is only sitting here nicely because daddy is making funny faces above my head.


  1. so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! sounds like an active little boy! He'll keep you on your toes. :-) I laughed at your comment that you can put a diaper on while he's crawling.. I'm learning how to do that to a kid who's running! Excited about that future?? :-)

  2. He is so unbelievably GORGEOUS! I know what you mean about falling more and more in love with them- Iyla is just starting to become more of a little person and I find I want to work less and less and just be with her. Also love hearing about Jett's current milestones- we have planned a 2 week road trip with Iyla when she is 7 months old, and it is fun to see some of the things we can look forward to developmentally!

  3. His eyes are beautiful. I can't believe it's been 6 months already!

  4. What a cutie pie! I squeed when I read how much he loves the cats. I sure hope the Chicken loves our cats cause we have quite a few of them :)

  5. He is so cute!! Wow! I have a lot to look forward to in the next 1.5 months:) it's amazing how fast the babies change.

  6. SO handsome! Wow 6 months! Well I have a month to go until my little man gets there. But he's not a rolling pro just yet. He's only done it a handfull of times on his own and he isnt a fan of being on his belly. (Any tips on the rolling I'll greatly appreciate) I too know what you mean when you say its sad that they are not so tiny anymore but the more they grow up and do new things and notice that they have all these talents the more fun it is watching them figure out this great big world!

  7. Oh man he is da bomb! Even if he doesn't sleep!!

  8. such a big boy! he looks like you in that last pic :). glad that you are loving each day more and more, i cannot believe the changes in this first year!

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