Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Baby Jett - 1 Month

One month down.

Some days all I can think is...why did we want kids so bad again?

And other days I think...wow, what a cute kid we made!

This month has been one of the most challenging of my life and I have trouble understanding those who have nothing but good things to say about the first few weeks of their kid's life.  The good is of course the healthy baby, but OMG the whole experience of a newborn is nothing like I imagined.

I know there's a learning curve involved but one month in I'm still having trouble figuring out how to "do" things around the house, as well as all the other errands I used to do like grocery shop etc etc.

It's absolutely exhausting getting absolutely nothing done everyday.

Everyone says that you should really soak up and enjoy these early newborn days because they change so fast and that you'll never get that time back again.  And just like I'm not supposed to be doing I spend a lot of time wishing away these early days and waiting for the day when baby is a bit more...interesting.

I can't help it guys, I know it's so close.  I have friends with 3 month olds and they are doing SO much more than Baby Jett...I can't wait.

All that being said Baby Jett has GROWN.  He's like a giant baby now.  He weighed in at a whopping 9 lbs. 3 oz today at his one month appt!

I can't believe that some people give birth to babies this big...he seems so huge to me.

My little newborn baby on Day 2 weighing in at 5 lbs. 6 oz. 

My giant one month old weighing in at a whopping 9 lbs. 3 oz. 

At one month...

...I'm still busy drowning my baby in my oversupply of milk at each and every feeding...the pediatrician insists this will calm down in another few months but in the meantime I can spray milk across the room, or more importantly ALL OVER THE BABY.  He gets a milk shower at least once a day.  Did you guys know your boob could literally SPRAY milk?  It's fascinating.

...Baby Jett is getting better at dealing with the milk drowning...I mean FEEDING.  He takes more breaks for burping rather than gulping furiously to try to swallow it all as quickly as he can and that seems to make the whole ordeal more manageable.  We still have some exorcist style spit ups...but thankfully they are down to once every few days.

During the day he feeds quite a bit, usually once every 1-2 hours and most nights he's really good about sleeping for 3 hour stretches with a 4 hour thrown in every once in awhile...those nights are heavenly.  But some nights he sticks to his daytime routine of feeding every 1.5-2 hours...those nights are hell.

...Baby Jett will not take a pacifier.  We didn't introduce one until this past week and he was really uninterested in it.  He's not much of a comfort sucker, if he starts sucking on his hand it's because he's hungry and that paci just isn't gonna cut it!

We also introduced a bottle this week, which means I attempted pumping this week.  He accepted the bottle just fine which made daddy happy but mommy really hates the pump and with the oversupply issues I've already got going on pumping is only going to be happening once every other day or so...and still only to appease daddy.

...Jett LOVES baths.  He gets very chill and mellow and just seems to really enjoy the sensation of the warm water.  We take baths together once every 2 or 3 days.

...he's a grunter.  Oh my how he grunts!  It's particularly annoying at 3am...so much grunting!

...has become a bit of a barnacle.  He used to let us put him down to sleep...now it's hit or miss. Sometimes you can put him down and sometimes he won't sleep unless someone is holding him or laying with him on their chest.  I ALWAYS attempt to put him down and even let him fuss for a bit before I go pick him up because I don't want him to never sleep on his own, but sometimes the only thing that works is to hold him...and I must admit when I'm exhausted and can't get the baby to sleep on his own, it's a great excuse to lay down with him and take a nap with him on my chest.

Overall I have to say that we've been blessed with a pretty easy baby...but I'm still looking forward to the days when he can actually interact with us!


  1. He has grown so much!! I am mentally filing away all of your posts in my 'what to expect' files. I knew the first 2-3 months could be a tough transition time, and appreciate the honesty with which you share the ups and downs. Jett is adorable, and here's hoping those sleeping cycles get lengthening and you both get settled into a more harmonious rhythm!

  2. Good to know the truth and get myself prepared. :) He IS darn cute thought and just makes my heart melt. I'm dying to meet my baby, but I know once she gets here, it's all going to be a little crazy for the first few months. They don't call it the 4th trimester for nothin'. :) Hang in there, he is already so big and alert looking. And I can't believe that people have 9 pound babies either. That's like twice the size of baby Jett!

  3. I feel your pain, you sound like me I think our boys are very similar! I love that they are this small and everything but I admit, I'm so ready for this newborn stage to be behind us, for longer stretches between feedings, a less attached baby, more sleep, and a more interactive baby!

  4. lol, I am one of the women saying I miss the newborn stage. I guess we forget how much work it is. I just loved the snuggling and now with my boys being so busy they don't want to stay still for a second. It might feel like time is crawling now but in a snap Jett will be 6 months.

  5. I will probably also feel like I can't wait until the babies get more interesting. It seems like at first they are just these eating pooping blobs. I like interaction and smiling, at the least! I am not looking forward to the blobby early days... but then again, my niece and nephew had their first days at school today and were totally horrid, so there is something to say for baby who sits around doing nothing, I guess!

  6. The first few weeks...no months are SO hard! I had a really hard time adjusting, but am feeling SO SO much better now! Give it a month or so and you will feel like super mom :)

  7. I opened this post and thought, wow, he's already a month old. Then immediately remembered so are my guys. You give me a preview of what things will be like when they get to come home and I can't wait. Baby Jett sounds absolutely wonderful, but I don't blame you one bit for wishing the exhausting days to pass.

  8. He is such a cutie! I have heard from lots of parents that the first month is pretty boring/tiring/etc. Yes, you are supposed to relish in his existence, but honestly we can't do that all day! Being a parent can be really lonely. It is strange because you are never alone, but can somehow feel lonely just the same. Find yourself some other mammas to hang out with. I'm sure you will be in good company. And they might even have some tips for avoiding the milk showers.

  9. i love your honesty! keep it coming! :-)

  10. It's so fun hearing you experience it all! You really can only read, listen, get advice all you want but until you actually experience it is when you finally get it, this is hard! It really does take 6 weeks for both of you to get used to eachother, get into a routine, etc...6 weeks of hell. :) It's a good thing they are so cute huh?

  11. He is adorable! It's so funny to read your posts because I could write them myself :) Probably because G is just a bit older than Jett. Happy one month!

  12. He is so super precious!

    I'm cracking up at the whole milk spraying thing. I remember sitting in the room with my bestie while she was nursing, and she sprayed milk VERY far. It was the craziest thing I've ever seen, and we still laugh about it!

  13. Yay! Grow baby Jett grow!!! :)

    Nurse near white walls! We used to get little splatters all over our blue wall by the couch... And since I was mid nursing I'd forget about it and notice it later - usually when someone was over. Winston figured out how to hand express my milk, so he thinks it's funny to squirt. Nothing makes you feel like a cow quite like hand expressing, especially coming from your kid!

  14. Duuuuuude, your boobs are magical! Almost four pounds in a month! Yay! I'm taking note and stocking up on nursing bras and shirts. I have a couple of maternity shirts that are supposed to transition so let's hope they do! Fortunately I don't have your pants phobia! ;)

  15. Oh he is adorable! As to the how to get things done question firstly I started doing on line grocery shopping but now I am more confident I wear Molly when I do the shopping! Two hands free :)

    For me mollynstarted doing more stuff at about seven weeks. Smiling back to me and talking or yelling! The weather is getting warmer some have gone outside and I have a mothers group and have gotten out of the house a lot.

    Your doing great! And Jett is doing brilliant