Saturday, July 23, 2011

Outblush Lust

Are you all reading Outblush?

I love Outblush.

But since moving back here to San Francisco and having to pay a mortgage that is more expensive than any amount of rent we've had to pay since we've been together, I've put shopping on hiatus.

Now thanks to Outblush I am coveting the following:

Tommy Bahama Dress

Marc by Marc Jacobs purse

Fossil shoes

And of all things...this beautiful Heartland oven

With my birthday exactly 3 weeks away I'm struggling, struggling to not shop.

Anyone else coveting gorgeous things that they can't afford ($7500 stoves, ahem!)?


  1. Any time I go to the city, I have to hold my self back from going shop crazy!! That stove is amazing - so unique!

  2. That stove/oven is so beautiful!


  3. DUDE!! That stove looks almost exactly like the one in the bus - obviously newer and nicer (with gas) but the same style exactly none the less!

  4. How cute is that purse!!! I definitely love it.


  5. I will take that purse and those shoes... Amazing. Haha so pretty. Also, I just found your blog this morning and had to follow! I look forward to read muchhh more!!

    -Sarah from