Monday, July 18, 2011

How to Drive Like a Californian

Just a few things I've learned about driving while living in California.

Please add any I've forgotten in the comments.

Double Park. Can't find parking? Doesn't matter, just double park. Everywhere for any reason. No one will honk at you. They will just drive around you. It does not matter how traffic heavy the area either, double park anyway.

Ignore all speed limits. It does not matter what the signs say regarding speed, just go with the flow of traffic and you'll be fine. This does not always mean faster than the signs, sometimes it's slower.

Do not use your blinkers. They are completely unnecessary and superfluous. If you need to change lanes, just do it. If you're turning, no need to let everyone know beforehand, they'll figure it out.

Don't stop at stop signs. It's called a California Stop for a reason. It's perfectly acceptable to roll through stop signs. In fact if you do stop it's like rolling down your window and screaming, "I'm a tourist!"

Obey all pedestrian traffic laws. Yep, it's true, they may be terrible drivers for the most part, ignoring almost all traffic laws, but they're very gung-ho about letting pedestrians have the right of way...without honking at them.

Anyone else live in more than one state and find driving to be a whole new experience?

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  1. That sums it up pretty well! Just wait til it rains, then it's even worse!