Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Great Ocean Road Part 4

I am one box away from unpacked.

This is my 101st blog post, that means I missed making my 100th blog post a post about it being my 100th blog post, oops!

I still haven't come up with a new name for my blog.

I still have a bit of Australia to finish up before this blog is no longer relevant to Australia thus making a name change very necessary.

I'm one month into Oregon and still have 2 months left.

Aside from being able to spend time with the fam I was ready to leave Oregon 2 weeks ago.

Back to Oz.

Let's finish the Great Ocean Road, shall we?

Here we go.

We woke up refreshed and ready to face our last day of driving.

First stop. Shipwreck Beach.

I'm sure you can guess what we saw there.


That was obvious right?

So, Shipwreck Beach is so named not only because apparently hundreds of ships have wrecked along this little stretch of coastline but because two of those fateful ships had their anchors wash up onshore and are now a permanent reminder of this tumultuous stretch of sea.

This beach was accessible by these stairs only. It was roughly 900 steps in total. Not too bad going down, but going back up was ROUGH.

Pretty shell inside another pretty shell.

That is a ship's mast buried in the beach.

And that, my friends, is an anchor.

This was one of the coolest parts of the road trip. I've never seen wreckage from a shipwreck before, it was quite amazing.

The other highlights of our road trip were:

The arch.

Not to be confused with London Bridge. Yes, it's London Bridge because part of it fell down.

And The Big Lobster.

By the time we reached Adelaide it was HOT! Like 40 degrees C hot, that's over 100 degrees F!

Despite the heat (or maybe because of the heat) we finished off our Melbourne to Adelaide with a little wine tasting in the vineyards around Adelaide.

My only regret for this trip was that we didn't plan in 1 extra day to hang out in Adelaide a bit more. It was so swelteringly hot that we stayed in our hotel for the hottest part of the day and by the time we emerged most of the shops had closed =(

Nevertheless I crossed both Adelaide and Melbourne as well as the states of Victoria and South Australia off the Oz list. That means we managed to visit 5 out of the 6 Australian States in our 7 month stay. Not Bad!

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  1. So if you ever go back you'll have something to see! the last 2 states!