Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shades of Gray

Bear with me while I change my blog a bit, I'm going to be experimenting.

Now, let's talk about paint.

This is what our bedroom looks like currently.

It's very yellowish. Luckily all the walls in the house are neutral, but they all have a yellowish tinge and I'm not a fan.

As you can see from my paint swatches all over the walls (which may or may not have been there for the last 3 weeks) I'm thinking a shade of gray for the walls.

With white furniture.

Not ugly Ikea white, but antique white.

I have these nightstands from Pottery Barn in white.

(Oh how I love Pottery Barn if only it weren't so expensive!)

And I'm going to paint my dresser to look like this.

Granted that dresser is apparently a blue gray, but it looks white and I'm more inspired by the light furniture with colored walls rather than the actual color of the dresser.

This all sprung from the bedspread. We bought a white bedspread, something I've never owned before, and my new love of white had begun. WHO KNEW?

I think I'll keep the dark mirror, maybe buy a dark platform bed, something like this:

Just the bed mind you, not the headboard.

Or should I buy a bed like this, white metal?

Anyone have any other great design ideas to go with my white and gray bedroom?


  1. We painted our bedroom gray when I bought my house... as soon as we were almost done I told Brandon to stop right away- it looked like a dungeon... a basement... it looked awful!! Maybe you can pull it off but be careful with the gray walls... I like the furniture ideas though, very nice!!!

  2. you have those huge windows, so it should be light enough to not feel like a dungeon... maybe it will feel like a cozy cave, from you nyc apts, I think you like the dark cave thing... ;-) I like the gray, and i like the white contrast with it.

    Time is $... is it a better deal to just buy the table than all the materials to make/finish it, then have to ACTUALLY make/finish it? Or maybe you can find an unfinished one, then finish it yourselves! That way you can still "make it" - but with less work, and it's more likely to get finished!