Monday, October 4, 2010

Salicylate Sensitivity

Along with the detox that I'm doing, the naturopath also said that she thought I might have a salicylate sensitivity, her reason for thinking this is my ever present scalp psoriasis and other assorted skin issues that I've seemingly had since birth that modern medicine has had no effect on and my fruit allergy, which no doctor can explain or help AT ALL.

This is just a trial to see if I actually have a problem with salicylates, but along with my no dairy, no caffeine, no alcohol, no sugar detox I'm also trying to cut out foods that are high in salicylates...which is basically all the fruits and vegetables I like, including ones I swear I use in every meal, like tomatoes, onions, capsicums (that's bell peppers) and mushrooms. It's quite a chore to find foods that I can eat right now. But if cutting out certain foods will make my scalp better, I'M IN!

Anyone ever heard of salicylate sensitivity? Anyone have any brilliant recipes that are low in salicylates?

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