Thursday, October 7, 2010

Planes, Trains...

After spending the weekend in Portland, we needed to get down to Eugene/Springfield where our house and my family are, which is a mere 102 miles away. Normally we would just fly directly to Eugene and my parents pick us up...easy peasy. This time because we flew into Portland we had to find a way down to Springfield. Of course we could always rent a car, but Dom REALLY wanted to take the we took the train.

Oh the train.

Now I have no problem with trains in general, but between the two of us we had 4 suitcases, a large box and 2 bags. No, we don't normally travel so heavy, but we were trying to get some of our crap in Australia back to the States because the more stuff we accumulate here the harder the move back is going to be in January.

So, onto the train we go and the train people laughed at us. They laughed at us because the train we were about to hop on starts in Seattle and goes all the way down to LA and takes like 20 hours or something like that, so it's a sleeper train, and we, with our 4 suitcases, 2 bags and box were going just 2 hours south.

Just 2 hours.

So, they laughed.

And Dom smiled.

The WHOLE time.

What can I say my husband loves a good train ride =)

He spent his time researching the train route (after discovering that it goes from Eugene down to San Francisco the smile got bigger and the train rides in my future increased about tenfold) wandering the different cars and trying to convince me that I was having fun as well.

I wasn't really.

It was just a train ride people, just a train.

But now apparently I've signed on for a 14 hour train ride from San Francisco to Eugene in the future. 14 hours!!! That's how long the plane trip to Sydney is. Do you know how long the plane trip from San Francisco to Eugene is? It's an hour and a half.

14 hour train ride vs 1.5 hour plane trip, the plane is gonna win every time in my book.

Maybe he'll forget.

Or maybe not, but a girl can hope!

Anyway, we made it to Eugene safely and quickly enough and finally got to see our new house!

And without further ado, here it is:

The driveway

Random little pasture at the foot of the driveway that is part of our 5 acres (the rest is trees really)

It's a really long driveway!

The house!

Inside, the front door and kitchen and you can see the loft a bit up above.

Wall o' windows!

Living Room/Fireplace

The loft/office nook

And master bedroom with skylight

There is also 2 other bedrooms besides this one, 2 bathrooms, a 2 car garage and the aforementioned 5 acres of land.

Please notice that the house is almost fully furnished...all of which was stored at my parents house for the last 5's pretty ridiculous.

What do you think?


  1. Love it. How beautiful and idyllic. :)

  2. it's awesome and i am jealous. i expect to be invited over a lot. lol.

    ps - read your email about the horse races! sounded like fun!

  3. Love it! Looking forward to summer visits ;)

  4. awe, I love seeing all your furniture again! So many times I squished on that couch to sleep! :-) So fun, I hope to come visit you guys sometime out there!