Wednesday, August 4, 2010

There's Only One "Sydney 2000"

Just over a year ago (anniversary coming up, holy crap!) the hubs and I were married in a lovely little manor house just outside of Bath, England after which we embarked upon our 4 week, 4 country, 2 continent honeymoon. Our journey took us to France, Spain, Egypt and Italy and...


We're really not sit on the beach for a week and do nothing kind of people, so visiting tons of different places and having lots to do was perfect for us.

Cairo (surprisingly) was one of our favorite cities that we visited and something that we did there ties into the point of this post.

Purely by chance one evening (because we had the coolest "concierge" ever at our hotel) we went on a dinner cruise on the Nile.

The River Nile in Luxor

The River Nile in Cairo

Dinner cruise on the Nile

View of Cairo from the dinner cruise ship

And just cause we're talking about Egypt I had to throw in this pic of us on camels with the pyramids. (My camel is biting Dom's camel not kissing it! After which the camels began fighting each other with us on them, not my favorite moment on the camel, but makes a cute piccie because it looks like they're kissing :-)

Back to the point of the post.

We enjoyed the dinner cruise in Cairo so much that we decided when we get the chance to go back to Egypt again we'll be doing the 3 day cruise up the Nile....and that we needed to do a dinner cruise here in Sydney.

If you remember I talked about seeing this ship pass by the window every day over and over again in this post.

Her name is "Sydney 2000". And she looks like this:

So, a few weeks ago we gussied ourselves up and did a little dinner cruisin.

Unfortunately my camera died the moment we got near the ship so all I have is a craptastic iphone photo and the awesome picture that they take of you after you're shitfaced from the open bar and make you pay $12 for, but whatever!

Free champagne + free wine + ok food = fantastic.


  1. We did one of these dinner cruises for New Year 2004/2005 - I agree it was great fun & we had an amazing view for the fireworks. I hope to do it again soon! :)

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  3. hi. maybe i should read the whole post? ugh. happy almost anny. really? almost a year. shitterS!