Friday, July 10, 2015

Full Term and Things I'm Worried About

Well folks, WE'RE HERE!  Full term.

I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.

I've begun all the tricks. 

Evening Primrose Oil.  Check.

Raspberry Leaf Tea.  Check.

Walking.  Check.

Spicy Food.  Check.

Dates.  Check.

Acupressure.  Check.

Yoga Ball.  Well...I have my yoga ball but honestly haven't sat on it once...maybe today!

Sex and Nipple Stimulation will have to wait until husband is back in a week but I'm doing everything else I can!

So while some of the angst about going into labor early (why do I think I will go into labor early???) has disappeared now because I no longer have to go to the hospital if I should in fact go into labor (before 37 weeks you can't have a homebirth).  I now have other anxieties that are wiggling around in my brain.

First, I tested positive for GBS.  This wasn't even on my radar because I tested negative last time and you know ALL PREGNANCIES ARE EXACTLY THE SAME so I just figured I would be negative this time too.  

As always, I was wrong.

So, positive GBS test, not usually a big deal right?  Had I tested positive last time I just would of had IV antibiotics in labor either at the hospital or had my home birth gone according to plan, didn't matter it would have been the same.  BUT HERE IN OR midwives are unfortunately not allowed to administer IV antibiotics.  WHAT?!  So...there are alternatives.  There's a vaginal rinse that is used in Europe with good results that I'm trying now.  I've also increased my probiotics, eating yogurt and taking a shit ton of Vit C, all of which are supposed to help one's body rid itself of GBS.  So, we retest in about a week and if I'm negative at that point, YAY!  If I'm still positive???  There's a few other options but ones I'm not terribly excited about.  I'll keep you posted.

Second thing I'm stressing about.  MY GODDAMN BELLY IS SO SMALL AGAIN!  I measured 33cm at my 36 week appt and I measured 30cm yesterday at my 37 week appt.  WTF?  Do I just grow small babies???  Jett was small because of the preeclampsia and had basically quit growing after 35 weeks, but this time???  My midwife actually insists baby is growing fine and is visibly bigger to her and baby has just dropped down into my pelvis and that I carry my babies "close" so baby is all tucked inside READY TO GO.  So...I'm trying not to fret.  

BP is amazing at 117/78 yesterday and I have no protein in my urine so there's no reason to think I will end up preeclamptic again.  I took a look at my pregnancy with Jett and around this time my blood pressure was 148/93!  All good on that front as far as I can tell.

So, there you have it.  We're full term, ready to go...and now we wait.


  1. yeah!! so close!!!! I had GBS with Owen and not with Austin and I has the same "what the hell???" response. The IV antibiotics burned... really bad. Way more distracting and painful than labor, in my opinion. I really hope yours clears up!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!! xo

  2. That Oregon rule is just ridiculous! Hope your retest comes back negative! And I so hope you get the home birth experience you want. I can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. So exciting!

    I definitely measured smaller at the end as well because of the way I carried them. If your midwife isn't worried, I'd try not to worry either.

    FX for you that you're GBS negative next week. In CO they can't administer IV antibiotics either, which is crazy stupid.

    You're so close now!!

  4. I am really praying all goes well for you and you get the birth you so want. Let's clear this GBS!