Monday, February 9, 2015

Jett at 2.5

I can't say enough about how much fun 2 year olds are.  I LOVE the 2 year old phase.

And for posterity sake I want to write down what Jett was doing at the wonderful age of 2.5.

Talking:  The verbal development over the last 6 months is astounding.  The things that come out of this kids mouth!  He can put full sentences together, he has original thoughts that he can articulate, he asks questions when he doesn't understand something, he repeats things back that you're convinced he shouldn't be able to.  He remembers weird things from days ago that he'll suddenly bring up in conversation.  It's amazing.

Reading:  Last week Jett started reading me his books.  Cutest thing ever.  He grabbed a book, I asked if he wanted me to read it, he said, "No, I read it" and sure enough...he "read" it.  He obviously memorized it (and several others!) but he follows the words with his finger and recites the story.  We now spend an inordinate amount of time with me reading the page first then Jett following the words with his finger and reading it back to me.  I was told the other day by my babysitter (who is also a preschool teacher) that this is the beginning stages of literacy, memorizing books and then "reading" them.

Eating:  Crap eater.  Ha!  He has his good days and his bad.  He's been sick with a cold for the last week and a half and he's always terrible at eating when he's sick but that's what's in my head right now is that the kid doesn't eat!  Yesterday was a fab food day though, he ate all 3 meals plus snacks, by himself with no help.  So, yeah, good days and bad.

Sleeping:  My kid is such a dream sleeper.  He's such a good sleeper that I cringe thinking about having to deal with a newborn sleeping again.  It's the RARE night that he wakes up AT ALL and he sleeps a solid 11-12 hours.  Bedtime is 8pm and he's up somewhere between 7:15-7:30pm.  It's amazing and I hope he continues to a great sleeper even when his little sister or brother arrives.  That would make mommy very happy!

Naps: We're on the cusp of something happening with naps.  We had been at 1pm nap time for over a year when suddenly 1pm naptime wasn't working anymore.  Jett would go 3-4 days with no nap, nap one day then another 3-4 days just playing in the crib for 2 hours, not napping.  So, I moved naptime to 2pm and he's gone back to napping MOST days.  He will still have the odd no-nap day but it's better...for now.  It definitely feels like he's on the verge of dropping that nap and I can only hope he holds out until preschool starts in the fall where I at least have SOME time of the day where I'm only dealing with one kid!

Personality: He's a pretty sweet kid.  He's still very mild-mannered and even-tempered, I'm not saying we don't have our meltdowns but they're nothing compared to many a kid I've witnessed and generally I can calm him down pretty easily. Half the time meltdowns are 100% food related and if you give him a snack he calms down immediately.  He loves other kids and I CANNOT WAIT until he starts preschool (god willing we get in!) because he's such a social butterfly.  Crowds never deter him, lots of kids are not scary, he never looks for mommy...I'm pretty sure he doesn't care if I'm there, so he'll do just fine when he starts school.  He's even pretty good about understanding and accepting waiting in line and waiting for his turn.  But HE'S SUCH A BOY.  If there's something to climb on, we must climb on it.  If there's something that is in the shape of a sword/stick, we must hit things with it.  If there is a ball we must kick or throw it.

This kid was such a nightmare for the first few months, I'm so glad he's turning out ok.  If I could have 10 kids just like Jett I'd do it in a second.

He's finding "his baby" with my Doppler =)


  1. Such a sweetie... I'm biased, but little boys are the best! Love this!

  2. Having had the privilege of meeting Jett I can attest that yes, he is a very sweet kid! Also, I LOVE that he is finding his baby :)