Friday, February 6, 2015

Baby #2 Bumpdate - Week 14 & 15

I can't believe how crap I am at this.

I want to remember this stuff!

But I can't find the time or the inclination to sit down and blog these days.

So without further ado:

How far along: 15 weeks 1 day

Weight Gain: Again, this pregnancy is so amusingly different for me MENTALLY.  Who has time to weigh themselves?  And more importantly...who gives a shit?  Oh right, I did, a lot, the first time.  Well, I think I weighed myself a few nights ago and it was 125?  So, that's up 7lbs...i think.

Movement? I'm pretty sure I felt baby already!  Just once, 2 nights ago, haven't felt it since, but it was that same obnoxious fluttery feeling that I really didn't enjoy the first time around.

What's Up with My Body:  Same old, same old.  CONSTIPATION.  Although I do think I've found the miracle cure.  Midwife recommended psyllium husks and OMG they work!  Unfortunately I tried to lower my dosage (always trying to find the minimum I can take) and ended up a bit uncomfortable again, thus we're going back to maximum dosage!

The boobs have finally started growing again.  SO DIFFERENT THAN LAST TIME.  These babies were already up to D's (from B's) during my pregnancy with Jett.  This time they started at A's (so sad my little A cup boobs) and have just made their way into a B after I stopped they look (and feel, sore!) like they'll make it into C's in the next few weeks.

AND eggs give me gas!  MOTHERFUCKER.  I love eggs.  For the first few weeks of this pregnancy I was craving and eating eggs like it was nobody's business but apparently now, out of the blue, they give me such excruciating gas that I would rather be in labor than dare eat eggs again for fear of the pain!  It was like being stabbed.  So...eggs, off the table for the time being.

Gender: I don't care.  Ha!  I spent almost zero time thinking about this.  I don't know if it's because I'm busy with Jett or what but I literally don't have the brain space to worry about this this time around.  Last time I analyzed this thing TO DEATH and changed my mind every other week.  This time I'm like what?  Sex?  Who cares, it's a baby!

Bumpdate:  I can't even be bothered to set up a photo shoot like last time.  Sad.

 14 weeks, trying on maternity clothes!
 15 weeks.


  1. I admire you for keeping this up. I was taking pics this pregnancy and slacked off at week 5!! Where did you get Jetts curtains? Fb me. :)

  2. LOL, it really is so different the 2nd time around, isn't it? Hard to focus on just the pregnancy when you're chasing after a toddler too!

    My boobs sadly never got very big my 2nd pregnancy. Now that I'm almost done nursing #2, they are very sad and deflated indeed. *sigh* Worth it I guess?

  3. Cute bump! It's hard for me to keep up on the blog too and this is only my first…so I can't imagine how hard it is with baby #2.

  4. you look fantastic!! That's good you aren't weighing yourself.. I was the opposite. I think because I gained so much with #1 that with #2 I was DETERMINED to not be a whale again. I weighed myself like 5 times a day and would freak out if I gained anything... so Neal had to take the scale away and tell me to stop. All in all I guess it doesn't matter.. #1 I gained 60lbs.. lost it all but 15lbs which took forever to lose.. #2 I gained 30lbs.. lost it all but 15lbs which is again sticking around and not budging. Le sigh.
    And just my two cents.. that looks like a boy belly! :-)