Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Lovey

Jett made it nearly 18 months with no sign of ever wanting or needing any sort of lovey.

I introduced several over the last 6 months or so, I put all sorts of different stuffed animals or blankets or other loveys in the crib with him.  We even took some to the UK because I thought they would make sleeping in a strange crib more familiar.

But he never really gave a shit about any of them.  They were just sort of THERE in his crib, he definitely didn't take a shining to any one in particular.

So I figured he just wouldn't be a lovey kind of kid.

I must admit this made me a teeny bit sad because I was a blankey kid, I STILL have my baby blanket, so I kinda wanted him to have a blankey or a lovey of some sort.

But whatever, he's becoming his own person and if he didn't want a lovey then so be it.

Then one day out of the blue he found this bear sitting under a bench in our breakfast room:

And proudly declared "Bear!".  Since then he's pretty much had it with him at all times.

What's so special about this bear you ask?

Go ahead and click on that link.

Bear is actually a heating pad.  My husband's heating pad I should add.

He's full of beans or rice or something and when you stick him in the microwave he's like a heating pad and stays warm for awhile...that also makes him weigh like 5 pounds!  Bear is HEAVY, but Jett insists on bringing him everywhere these days.

It's fucking hilarious really.

He comes to the playground.

He brushes his teeth with us.

He eats with us.

 Sometimes he gets fed.

Sometimes he just gets to watch.

Jett would like to bring him into the tub, but he settles for Bear sitting nearby and watching. 

Bear gets to wear Jett's shoes.

Bear is always in the crib if Jett is in the crib.  If you try to take him out without also grabbing Bear, Jett will start saying "Bear" over and over again until you get Bear out too.
And just generally we like to cuddle Bear wherever we go.

Bear even gets put on the potty.

You get the picture, we love Bear.

 Cutest.  Thing.  Ever.

Pretty amazing how these tiny little babies become their own people isn't it?


  1. So cute!!! I thought Austin wasn't a lovey kid either.. it was about the same age that he decided he liked certain toys.. but he cycles. For awhile it was a stuffed goat, then a stuffed bear, now its an alligator. He's not very loyal. :-) I bet Bear will be with Jett forever.. and PS- you still have your baby blanket?? the one you had all through college? that's awesome!

  2. That is so cute and funny! I wonder why toddlers have the preferences they have. I love observing their cute, quirky behavior.

    Everleigh likes this bunny lovey from PB, and needs it while she nurses at a minimum. But some nights she needs the lovey, another bunny we call brambles, and her tiger from the zoo. I'm afraid she's hoarding animals.

  3. That is the cutest thing ever! I love how he brings Bear everywhere :)

  4. How very cute!
    I too wondered if Paxlet was ever going to want/like a lovey as I also had been showing him different toys for some time. A couple of months ago he finally latched onto a monkey (dog toy!) he got for his birthday. He took that everywhere for a month or so and then he discovered his 3 Winnie the Pooh stuffed toys (Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore). Now it is a rotation between the 4 of them. Of course he needs all to go to sleep.

  5. Omg that's so cute, I love that bear has to be watching him in the bath tub!

  6. Ah! i love it!
    Love me a good lovey. they are just too damn cute!

  7. Catching up on blogs tonight: this is adorable! I am loving watching these little personalities develop! And I find it hilarious that your husband has a heating bear. I have a heating penguin. :)

  8. This made me giggle out loud. I hope Fiona is a lovey type too. :)