Thursday, February 27, 2014

Back in the Game finally happened.

After nearly 19 months...I finally got my first postpartum period.


I have no idea if I'll be ovulating or not but just like that...I'm convinced that I can at least ovulate ONCE on my own and I'm back in it.

The thermometer is out.

The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor is out.

FertilityFriend has been reactivated.

Yeah...I'm all in.

I have never been so excited for a period in all my life.

Of course I have convinced myself that I will be pregnant in no time, like oh a NOVEMBER BABY how quaint!  Because after all my problem has always been ovulating...not getting pregnant.

I have also convinced myself that I have one maybe two ovulations in me before the oves get all cysty again.'s now or never.

But one period does not ovulation make!

Yeah...tell my brain that.

It's not listening.  All it can hear is PERIOD = FERTILITY.

IRONICALLY as much as my body is telling me to make more babies the thought of a newborn still makes me want to throw up.

I want more CHILDREN but I do not want to do that whole newborn thing again.

I cringe when I see mamas with little tiny babies now, ESPECIALLY if they've got an older one in tow.  Can I really go through that again?

I KNOW that the newborn period was/is extremely short and only a year and a half later my kid is really cool and he's a PERSON now and not a screamy little blob...but really...can I skip that part?

Look at me, I'm talking like I'm pregnant already.


So, temping...I've found my temps to be extremely high, especially for the follicular phase, 98.1 this morning on CD1.  Two factors, it's a new thermometer and I'm nursing, could be affecting this but I'm curious...Anyone else find their temps to be completely different when they went in for Round #2?  

I'm used to pre-ovulation temps being very low 96.8-97.1, any thoughts?  This is like starting all over, I feel like such a newbie!


  1. Yay!!!

    I had pretty wonky temps the cycle I conceived Harvey (also my first cycle PP after Stella - I hope the same happens for you!). Cover line ended up at 97.75 instead of 97.3 like it was pre-Stella. No idea why. BUT it worked. I didn't O until CD37 and was seriously giving up faith in my body right away - but it fucking worked. Yah, insane. Also, my 2nd kid is SO CHILL. Like, incredibly laid back and happy, and the newborn stage hasn't been bad at all. I know, shitting rainbows over here, but I hope SO BADLY for you that you're saying the same thing a year from now!

  2. Very Cute blog1 Glad I found it

  3. Yay- I'm totally cracking up after that post! Get to it lady, a November baby really would be so quaint :)

  4. Haha welcome back! I also don't want a newborn. I want a crawling child from the beginning. Once my kids learned to crawl life became a billion percent better. I know this isn't true for everyone but it was for me! Good luck!!!!

  5. Gooooood Luck!! Sending baby dust your way!!

  6. Get after it!! I also would not want a newborn again. I am thinking more and more about a third because it is awesome when they become something other than screaming babies. However, the thought of all that sleep deprivation and crying makes me cringe. I don't know if I want to go through all that again. It goes by fast though right? Good luck!!!

  7. I just keep telling myself that newborns don't move. They stay where you put them. They don't have meltdowns in Target for no reason. And yeah, it's only the longest and fastest year at the same time. How does that happen?

  8. I just ordered a pack of 50 OPK's today. We can do it! Ok you probably can do it better than me. I can ovulate just can't get pregnant. Maybe if we can combine the two?

  9. Ooh good luck!!! We are trying on our own the next two months as's hoping there's some magic in the air!