Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Mom Chop

Guys...I think it's time to chop my hair.

Not TOO short, but shorter.

My hair is long and obnoxious and I can't remember the last time I wore it down.

I shit you not I just went through the last 6 months of photos and could not fine ONE single picture of me with my hair down.


So, it's either wear my hair UP for the foreseeable future or chop some of the length off and see what happens.

I'm thinking something like this:

And here's my hair now...

Alright, you're right, that's from last Christmas! But my hair looks THE SAME.  All the more reason to DO something to it as I haven't changed it in a few years.

OMG how cute is Baby Jett, so tiny!

Anyway, I need some feedback, should I chop it?  Anyone else chop off inches and inches of their hair lately and NOT regret it?  I feel like every time I cut my hair I just want it to be long again...


  1. Holy shit. I just, like 30 minutes ago, returned from getting a mom chop. Love it. My head feels lighter, my hair is so much healthier and if nothing else it makes me feel like I have my shit together. Which I'm sure will only last until I wash it tomorrow.

    1. BTW, Google Chrome allows me to comment because Google Chrome is the shit.

  2. your hair was SO cute short in college! do it!!

  3. I think your hair would look great short. I got mine cut almost the same as what you are thinking. At first I wasn't sure (way better than ponytail every day though). Also, my hair used to be without bangs, and I incorporated them into my new do. I'm usually not a bang person, but my little baby hairs were growing out and looked awful. I actually had someone as me if I was growing if I would start from the roots and see what happens!

  4. I cut mine when the boys were about six months and I really liked it- no regrets! It makes life a lot easier and you actually look put together from time to time when you wear it styled instead of pulled back! It's time for me to do it again... Thanks for the push!

  5. I think Reese's length is a great idea! I chopped mine shorter than that after S was born and regretted it - love it about that length above or maybe an inch or so shorter (especially since it grows so fast). Take the plunge - it'll grow back! No point in having it up every day. :)

  6. I say cut it! I just dyed mine after not dyeing it for years. I needed a change because my same old ponytail was getting depressing!

  7. I think that cut would be adorable on you! If you hate it you can always just pull it back again until it grows. Nothing really to lose (except the hair, har har). Go for it!

  8. Totally Yummy Mummy ! Go for it...

  9. I chopped mine off! I went from just past the shoulders during pregnancy to chin length at 37 weeks. And then a few months ago I went pixie short. I'm loving it. It's so easy to handle, but I will definitely be growing it out again. I love chin length, as it has some length, but still not too long.

    I say go for it. It's just hair and it grows!