Friday, May 7, 2010

Why we're moving to Sydney

The backstory and the reason for our move to Sydney.

My husband and I were just some regular newlyweds living in NYC with plans to move to San Francisco to start a family, when an unexpected offer was presented to us. The hubs works for a HUGE company, like 60,000 people huge, and has a branch in Australia. A woman in the Australian office was about to go on maternity leave for an extended period of time and they were looking for someone to fill her position. They sent out some feelers and husband was included in their list of people that would qualify. We talked it over and decided what the hell, why not?! we have no kids, we were about to move anyway, perfect timing and what a chance for an adventure! So, the big moving date is June 1 and here we are a week into May already! I hope to update this blog regularly as a way to keep all of my friends and family as well as anyone else who might be interested, updated on our adventures abroad. Enjoy!

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