Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Doing it up right

Since we're only in Sydney for a short time, 7 months, we decided we'd splurge a little and get a fancy apartment on the water. Wanna see?

Nice view, right!?

This area is called Kirribilli and it's just over the bridge from the heart of Sydney, the Central Business District (CBD). There is a ferry close by which is a 5 minute ride into CBD or the train is just 10 minutes away and only 1 stop from the CBD. And the view! You can't beat that view. We're pretty excited to get to call this our home for the next 7 months, anyone wanna come visit?

All photos are personal photos.


  1. So want to come visit!!! *fingers crossed* we'll make it!

  2. Wow, what a view! And what an adventure. TH is talking about moving to another country for an internship next summer but I haven't decided if I'll go with him yet if he does. If his apartment view looks anything like that (and is in fabulous Australia!) I'll be there in a heartbeat!