Monday, August 3, 2015

Jett - 3 years

My goodness child, how are you 3???

You seem like such a big kid these days as we welcomed baby brother into the family.  I can't believe it was only 3 years ago that you were just as small as Noah.
 Oh how we love chips.

These days you are such a talker.  You have quite the vocabulary and are always careful to use proper grammar, how you know proper grammar is beyond me, but you always pause to carefully consider what wording should be used when you have a long sentence you're trying to spit out.

You are so nice and gentle with Baby Noah and make sure to give him kisses and cuddles each night before bed.  I know we're only 10 days in but you've welcomed your new brother into the family rather than being jealous of him and mama is very proud of how you've handled the change.  You make sure to include him in your pretend play when you're handing out "cocoa" or "tea" or "juice", Noah always gets one too.

You are absolutely in love with all things train right now.  You want to watch Thomas every afternoon and then you reenact your favorite Thomas stories with your trains and I love hearing your imagination at work.  Daddy has almost as much fun as you playing with trains.

You've done amazing with your swim lessons this year and have graduated into the next class in which mommy and daddy get to ditch you with the teacher instead of getting into the water with you.  Mama is more excited about this than you know, I love that you've been taking swimming lessons, but I do not enjoy getting in the pool with you!

Preschool starts in a month and again...Mama is so excited for you to begin this next step in your life!  You have never been one to cling to mama in social situations and have never needed me for reassurance.  You've always been happy to jump into activities with other kids and I think you and preschool will get along just fine.

As we start over with a new baby I'm reminded of just how far you've come and just how proud I am to call you my son.

Much love Baby Jett on your 3rd Birthday!


  1. Happy birthday Jett!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Jett!!! He is a sweet, amazing little man!!!

  3. Seriously such a good little guy. You give me so much hope for 2. ;)