Monday, August 31, 2015

Baby Noah - 1 Month

Oh baby Noah, let me apologize for not being as thorough with these as I was with your brother.  But let's face it, you have more experienced parents.  We're better at this, we're not as frazzled, we're so much less stressed, we know that things will just work out one way or the other, and we did all the experimenting with your brother so we have a few tricks up our sleeves.  I might be too busy sometimes to write baby posts and make picture books, but got the better end of the deal, trust me!

So at 1 month:

Baby Noah has a food allergy/sensitivity.  I think the correct term is sensitivity but whatevs, dude is unhappy with something mama is eating!  Since Jett had the dairy intolerance, as soon as Noah's poop turned green and filled with mucus at 2 weeks old we immediately assumed a dairy issue.  We wasted no time and immediately I went back to my old dairy free ways of eating.  Of course before things got better they got worse and Noah got VERY screamy...just like Jett.

Why do I make such screamy babies!!!

Two weeks later his demeanor had improved only slightly and that poop, that goddamn poop was still green and SO FULL OF MUCUS.  It was like snot, not baby poop.  So...back to the drawing board.  Ultimately we decided on his worst most screamy nights when we'd spend HOURS with little Screamy McScreamerson trying to get him to sleep were days after I had eggs.

So I cut out eggs as well as dairy.

I'm like a vegan except I eat meat.

Just a few days after the egg elimination his demeanor improved GREATLY.  So...I think we have an egg allergy/intolerance!!!

Ugh, babies are such hard work for this breastfeeding mama!!!

I'm still only a week or so into eliminating eggs but baby is much improved and the poop goes back and forth from yellow to green, cottage cheesy to mucusy, but I'm hopeful we've found the culprit.

Now...whether this is an egg AND dairy issue I don't know, but for now I'm off dairy and eggs!

At 1 month baby Noah is an average sleeper.  He's in bed with us.  He'll do 3 hour stretches of sleep both day and night and for the moment I can wrap him in my Moby, get him asleep and then transfer him to a bed (on his belly, trick I learned with Jett, as long as I'm nearby baby is a belly sleeper, babies sleep so much better on their bellies!) and he'll continue sleeping for an hour or two.  I'm hopeful this will continue but at the same time I'm realistic and realize he may be exactly like Jett and only nap for half hour in the very near future as he heads toward 6 weeks and "wakes up" a bit more.

Since I have both kiddos now Noah is going to have to nap on the go for some naps anyway, so...second time parent, I am not nearly so stressed about baby napping, it's just going to have to happen...I'll figure it out!  We spend mornings in the house (until next week when preschool starts!!!) and we spend late afternoons in the house so I'm hopeful once we're at 3 naps a day we can do those 2 naps at home and the midday nap out and about...we'll see what happens.

What else?

He's rolled over a few times.  I don't think they're supposed to roll over this young are they?  I put him on his tummy and he can totally roll over to his back.  He does it often.

I stand by my original sentiments when I had Jett that newborns are super boring...they don't do a lot besides sleep and scream.  And you know what???  This time around that is totally ok with me!!!  It means I can just wrap Noah up in the Moby and get on with my day with Jett and not worry TOO much about the little one.

And as though I needed the confirmation, I am 100% not a baby person.  There's not a single part of me that looks at Noah and thinks oh how sad that Jett isn't that small anymore.  I HAPPILY pack up clothes that the kids outgrow because with growth comes communication and independence and THAT is apparently what I enjoy about parenthood, NOT BABIES!

I'm really looking forward to 6 months.  I can't wait to set a mat down in the backyard and let Noah crawl around while Jett plays and I don't have to hold anybody constantly.  CANNOT WAIT!


  1. 100% agreed! I spent the first 6 months of Owen's life going "I can't wait until he sits up.. I can't wait. I CANNOT WAIT!!!" So much more enjoyable in my book. :-) I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to come see you before you headed home.. Noah is just a total absolute cutie!! I hope his screaming fits get better. xo

  2. Harvey was totally a tummy napper as well. Those 2nd kids get the more relaxed parenting style for sure. :) That sucks you're dealing with the food sensitivities again - gah!

  3. First of all. Your boys are SOOO cute and it sounds like you're doing really well with 2. I am so happy for you and you give me hope. Secondly, read your blog earlier and told Josh when we have another one I know I'll be so much more relaxed like you are. I think I spent 50% of Fiona's first 6 months worried she wouldn't live through the day/night and would suddenly die for no reason. Mental. I'm excited to try tummy sleeping, and letting a baby cry for 1 minute before rushing over. I know they'll be ok. What a relief. Lol. Also, I'm with you about enjoying independence and communication. I say that with some hesitance this week though because Fiona is going through some major boundary pushing this week. Being cheeky and running away when I say "come here", drinking water off the splash pad ground - over and over after I tell her no and why. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the former child who listened to reasoning will come back sooner than later. :/