Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Imagination at Work

Enough of this infertility bullshit let's talk about the child I DO have not the ones I don't!

It's time for a little Jett update for posterity sake.
I think 2 is the most glorious age.

I love Jett being 2.

He's very much a KID not a baby now and in so many ways is very self-sufficient and I'm absolutely loving it.

The latest and greatest thing is PRETENDING.

Guys, I didn't even realize that little ones didn't have the capacity for pretend play, it never occurred to me that Jett didn't understand pretending and that it came with age.

But then one day, out of the blue, suddenly his fort has become a pirate ship and we're sailing around the stinky water so we can catch butterflies and search for buried treasure.


But it's the cutest thing.  I love the pretending.

We also pretend bake, we make lots of taco soup and cake.

And we dig for lots of buried treasure in the backyard.

Jett may be in love with all things pirate right now.  It's hysterical.

His language has also really developed.  Just after 2, maybe 25 months? he really started talking in full sentences.  We're now up to 5-6 word sentences and he adds connecting words like and and or and knows his he's and she's and mine and yours etc etc.

It's MUCH easier to figure out what he wants when he can actually tell you!

He's also got his letters down.  There's a few he consistently gets wrong but the vast majority of the alphabet he knows.

Numbers, he can count to 2, sometimes 3.  But he actually knows what 1 and 2 mean.  So, he knows how many 1 vs. 2 is and will tell you if he wants one or 2 of something.

Loves all things boy with the exception of the color pink and Hello Kitty.

See?  Pink.  He needed the pink ice cream.  It was Hibiscus Sorbet.  He kept telling me it was "delicious" but his face said otherwise.  Stick to your guns about your pink ice cream decision son, stick to your guns.

Can I just bottle up this little 2 year old and keep him this age forever?


  1. OMG he is adorable! My son is turning 2 soon and I can really relate. Love this age!

  2. Ha love his face eating the ice cream. I agree with you, right after Madden turned two his vocab took off along with his imagination. He turns his crib into a "house", cooks hot dogs and ketchup and it's always raining.

  3. L.O.V.E - this is so cute! I love pretending too. I'm also always talking in imagination terms to Fiona - but I've wondered if the concepts fall on deaf ears. I love how you wrote this. I can just see you along side him playing, so sweet. :)

  4. One more month till mine is 2 and I can't wait. He's always been a handful so I am used to the whole toddler thing now. I just love watching him learn.

  5. 2 is the best age!!!! I wanted it to last forever.. and now we are closing in on the "three-nager" stage starting. Ugh. Jett is so cute!! I love the pirate ship scenario... very adventurous!