Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Weaning - 23 Months

Or perhaps a more apt title to this post should be: I Don't Think We'll Be Weaning By Age 2.

Oh yes, we're still nursing.

Since I seem to be ovulating, ALBEIT REALLY REALLY LATE EVERY CYCLE (CD25 and no ovulation yet!!!) I decided to quit worrying about weaning the kid by the time he's 2.

If I'm ovulating I'm not going to the RE.  If I'm not going to the RE I'm not getting Clomid.  If I'm not getting Clomid I don't have a real reason to wean.

I honestly never thought I would be nursing a 2 year old.  One year old?  Of course!  18 month old?  Sure, why not.  But 2???  Never thought it would happen.

What a hippie.

I'm still banking on another pregnancy to force me to quit...because really I don't see us quitting JUST BECAUSE.

Jett's actually started to cut back on his nursing, much to my surprise.  We were holding steady at 4 times a day when out of nowhere he seems to have completely cut out the post nap nursing session.

So we're down to morning, night and pre-nap.

Amazingly cutting down to 3 from 4 times a day seems to have finally tweaked my metabolism.  I was one of the lucky few who dropped all my pregnancy pounds and then some with just nursing and I'd been holding steady at 10 lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight.  I could eat anything and the scale wouldn't budge even a pound.

But now, with that one nursing session dropped suddenly I've gained a few pounds!  It's kind of sad that I'll now have to go back to paying attention to what I eat but it's also kind of a relief because it felt like my body wasn't ready for another pregnancy.  How could I possibly sustain a pregnancy and nursing at that weight?!

Maybe now that we're heading back up to a more sensible weight I can hold onto a pregnancy?  We shall see.

In other news, my kid is about to turn 2!  How the hell did that happen?!

The older he gets the more I want more babies just so that they can become cute toddlers like him.

He didn't want to eat the chicken but he really wanted to suck on the bone.

Sigh.  Why can't baby making be easy?


  1. I look at the boys at least three times a week and think, " I cannot imagine what it would be like to still be nursing" how are our babies almost TWO already?!? It's crazy!

  2. I had to giggle at your "what a hippie" comment. I'm sure Stella would have kept nursing too if I hadn't gotten pregnant and sick and said no more. Good for you for doing what feels right! (and I hope you're pregnant soon and touched out and exhausted and have to wean him *grin*)

  3. I never thought I would be a nursing a 2 year old either, but I still love it! I hope you ovulate soon...long cycles are frustrating & no fun. I had my doctor put me on progesterone to help lengthen my luteal phase and it seems to be working! 11 DPO today (longest I've made it since my cycle returned)! Although now I'm dealing with all those lovely side effects that hormones come with like acne & tender breasts (which is just wonderful when you are still breastfeeding...grr)!