Tuesday, April 15, 2014

One Cycle Down

Well...I'm not pregnant.

Aunt Flow turned up just 12 days after I ovulated resulting in a 44 day Cycle, which is better than 48 days but means that my luteal phase is now only 11 days long.

It used to be 15...that's quite a change.

Anyone else have significantly different luteal phase post baby?

I know 11 days is still long enough to achieve a pregnancy, but...barely.  I think 10 is the minimum.

I must admit I was really REALLY hoping I was pregnant and I may have peed on like 17 different pregnancy tests starting at like 7 DPO.  Crazy right?  I peed on one and that was it, I couldn't stop.

I just couldn't help myself, it has been SO long since I peed on a pregnancy stick.

Luckily the stark white negative was not nearly as crushing as it used to be.

But still...wouldn't that have been nice and so EASY to not have to wait 30 more days FROM NOW just to ovulate?!

Have I mentioned how much I hate these long cycles.

At least I ovulated.

Bright side people, bright side.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I've only got a few chances at this the old fashioned way before the oves get all cysty and useless again.

So, one cycle down...wish me luck that cycle 2 is the lucky one!!!

And in other news this little cutie has definitely hit his language explosion.

He says mama and papa correctly and ALL THE TIME now...so cute.  He also says milk when he wants milk instead of just using the sign, again...so cute.  He repeats almost anything we say and is adding to his vocabulary daily.

LOVE this age.  Can they just stay 20 months forever?


  1. He's adorable! Also BOO. I still have a love/hate relationship with pee sticks. :(

  2. It's been a year of post pregnancy periods for me and the last few have had short luteal phases. Like 4-5 days shorter, which is very strange for me. This most recent cycle was more normal, but I'm now waiting to see if it was a fluke or will I be "normal'" again.

    Sorry this cycle was a bfn. :(

  3. Yay for a semi-normal length cycle! You're right that it's a short LP, but thankfully not TOO short. If it gets any shorter, I'd talk to you doc about doing progesterone supplements from 3dpo onward to make sure an embryo would have time to implant and get your body producing progesterone to keep that lining in place while it grows.

    Also, did you start the myo-inositol? I've read studies that a side effect of it is that it can help with short LPs!

    Fingers crossed for this next cycle for you!

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