Thursday, March 13, 2014

Things I Didn't Think About When Naming My Child

You all might remember that Jett's birthday is just 10 days before mine.  This means we share a birthday month.

Jett and I also share initials.

This wasn't on purpose.  In fact it was a few days after we'd had him before I realized he had the same initials as me.

We were stuck for boys names...we pretty much had exactly one name, so when he came out a boy it was done.

But alas he is JLB and so am I.

At first I thought it was sweet, his name is full of meaning, his first name is a surname from my paternal side of the family and his middle name is a first name from Dom's paternal side of the family.  And then the initials are the same as mine?  So cute, right?

It turns out it's kind of obnoxious.

I'm a sucker for letter necklaces.  I love my B necklace and I've worn it for years.  I bought it before I was married and then conveniently married someone with the same first letter of his last name so it still works.

Then when Jett was born I wanted to get a J but SO ANNOYING THAT MY INITIAL IS ALSO J because I now walk around with my J and my B and anyone who knows my name probably just assumes I'M A BIG FAN OF MY OWN INITIALS.

Ugh, I kind of wish now that he has his own initial so that I'm OBVIOUSLY wearing HIS INITIAL around my neck and not my own.

I also really want this:

But again...if I get a J it's just like it's for me.

Live and learn.  It's only something Jett and I have to deal with OUR ENTIRE LIVES.

Next baby will have his/her own initials.

First baby FAIL!


  1. Ok I'm with you in the annoyed by initials camp.. if we ever have a girl, Neal really wants to use his Mom's name as the middle name.. Angela. Ok.. last name is Glynn... so we have __AG to work with. Well, there goes my love of the name Harper.. I'm not having HAG as my kids initials.. also no "F" name, "B" name, "R" name, "V" name... sigh. I hate that is would spell a word! Different situation then your's and Jett's.. but I just wanted to agree that initial issues are annoying to me too. :-)

  2. LOL. My first initial is M. My last initial is L. So is my husband's and so is my daughter's. At least all of our middle initials are different. We didn't plan it. It just happened. So cheesy...