Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Excuse Me But Did I Just Ovulate?

Guys...I think I ovulated.

My disclaimer for anyone who has been happily following along while I chat about all things baby and may not have been around before I had the baby, I'm just gonna let you know that before baby I liked to chat about cervical mucus and constipation.   So go ahead and skip this post if you have no desire to read about cervical mucus, from now on known as EWCM (oh the acronyms!)...I'm not gonna talk about constipation.  Though now that I've broached the subject I am going to let you know that it took until 4 months postpartum to poop doesn't all end with the baby coming out unfortunately!

I've gone off subject... we're not talking about constipation, I'm going to talk about cervical mucus today!


I am 9.5 months postpartum, still nursing like crazy and have had very few signs, if any of my period making a comeback. Which I was totally ok with as nursing is our only form of birth control these days and I always told myself that I would wait until Baby #1 was a year old before trying (or thinking!) for Baby #2.

But lately every few weeks, maybe once a month, I would have some EWCM.  It would stick around for just a day or two and then gone.  It was very reminiscent of my cycles when they would last for 90+ days, as though my body was attempting to ovulate, gearing up for it and then just never quite popping the egg out and starting all over.

UNTIL 2 weeks ago I had GOBS AND GOBS of EWCM that lasted for DAYS.  I thought to myself HMMM, MAYBE I'M ABOUT TO OVULATE, but didn't REALLY believe that.  Just the ol' infertile mind coming back to haunt me (I'm ovulating, let's make more babies!)

Then the EWCM disappeared and I decided to take my temperature.  Oh yes, I BROUGHT MY GODDAMN THERMOMETER OUT OF HIDING.  Turns out you can't keep the crazy at bay for long, no matter how much you tell yourself that you're not ready for another baby, the second you think about ovulating you think MUST. MAKE. BABY!

Lo and behold, my temp was up....

Interesting.  But not conclusive.

So I started temping.  Every day.  Well, I'm temping as well as one can temp when one is up at least once every night...I admit my temps might be less than accurate.

But I'm at 10 days of high temps. 


Not ideal, but if eggs are popping out on their own, then it's GAME ON. 

Truth be told it wouldn't be the end of the world to get the babies out of the way husband isn't getting any younger...and I REALLY didn't like the newborn stage, why prolong that hell, let's just do it now!

As far as I remember I have a 16 day luteal phase...which means I've got 6 more days to obsess over my temperature until AF arrives...or pee on something.

It's been a long time since I peed on something in the desperate search for information.


So here we are, just 9 months after baby and I'm already back writing about EWCM, taking my temperature and thinking about peeing on ALL THE THINGS.

 And so it begins again...I think.


  1. Yes! Do it! Do it! :-) I want you to have a baby girl!!!!

  2. Ha. Right there with you! I was getting the EWCM for a few months before I got my first period. And yes, I've pulled out the ovulation predictor kits. It's true that the crazy kicks in fast for those of us who've walked the walk before. I figure if it took us 3 years to get Iyla here, might as well get started now for #2. Game on! I hope it's true that your eggs are firing up again. : )

  3. That's exciting! I feel the same way. I'm exhausted, but the thought of getting on #2 makes me crazy, and just like you I want to get the newborn phase over (even though I loved it) while we are still somewhat young. I can be totally cranky and just burned out and thinking of another positive pregnancy test or being pregnant again makes my stomach all fluttery.

  4. I also can't turn that off even though I'm like OMG I HAVE TWINS I DO NOT WANT ANOTHER ONE IN THE NEAR FUTURE HOLY CRAP. My brain is still stuck in infertility mode, where I am thinking about ovulation and whatever all the time. I was thinking about it for a year and a half so i think I have to NOT be thinking about it for at least a year and a half (post pregnancy) for it to go away.

    Yesterday I was nauseous all day long and actually it works out that I could be pregnant and I was kind of freaking out and not in a good way. I was like, um, that would mean I would have a newborn with 18 month old twins. THREE UNDER TWO. The nausea went away though so I am thinking it was a stomach flu. Hahaha...

  5. Oh Man - so it begins. Not gonna lie. As I sit here typing when I haven't slept in 3 days, I have been thinking about TTC again....and wonder how the hell we could manage 2 babies and still be Attachment Parents. However others do it right? We are going to wait till DD is 1 before we stop trying to prevent..

  6. My first ovulation was like super ovulation. If I was fertile I would be so knocked up. But I'm not and it was wasted ;) I veer between ready and not ready. Taking each day as it comes!

  7. Same here! Except I haven't ovulated yet. Plus, I'm not even sure I want another baby. Still, I'm constantly thinking about trying again and even paid for an US to check on the state of my follies during my annual ob/gyn checkup earlier this week.

  8. I always told myself I wanted to wait until Ari was a year old before even starting to think about ttc again. However, after experiencing this wonderful joy of having a baby - I can't stop myself from thinking about doing it all over again. I just had my first official period, so now I'm also playing the when will I ovulate game. As much as I want another baby, I am scared to try again. I don't know if I am emotionally ready for the heart break that comes along with infertility & ttc. Your son is so adorable, btw. I LOVE seeing the pictures of him. :)

  9. Did you pee on something? :)

    That's exciting that you're cycling again!!

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