Monday, May 6, 2013

Breastfeeding - 9 Months

As promised in my last post, here's an update on breastfeeding at 9 months.

In a nutshell, we're still breastfeeding A LOT at 9 months.

I started out this nursing gig ready to go the whole nine yards, nursing for at least a year but weaning sometime before 2 so that we can get preggers again and start the whole thing over.  I realize one can breastfeed and be pregnant at the same time but I have NO desire to do it...only one baby using my body at a time please!

Breastfeeding has gone relatively smoothly for us.  I had WAY too much milk in the beginning that caused infinite amounts of stress as it took Baby Jett FOREVER  to learn how to deal with the forceful letdown and the gobs and gobs of milk that would spray into his mouth like a firehose.

But it was never painful (other than those first few days as the nipples adjusted!), we had no latch issues and I've never had supply issues...unless you count TOO MUCH as a supply issue.  So, all in all breastfeeding has been a pleasant experience for me.

At 4 months the boobs finally got the message that my ONE baby did not need enough milk for THREE and really eased up with the milk they were producing.

My letdown however never eased up at all and I can still spray milk across the room. Luckily this isn't a problem for a 9 month old...he doesn't seem to mind gobs of milk spraying down his throat anymore.

So for 6.5 months Baby Jett was exclusively breastfed, I don't even think he had water until 6 months.

Just before 7 months we took the leap and began introducing solid food into his diet.  And now at 9 months he is up to 3 meals and one snack of solids a day...but he still enjoys some boob every hour or so, SERIOUSLY.

Even after the introduction of solids he continues to rely heavily on breastmilk for nourishment as well as comfort.  Some days I feel like I nurse him more now than before we started solids.

For instance, it's 10:30 in the morning as I'm writing this and I have nursed him 4 times already this morning.  Yeah...we do a lot of nursing.

I am eternally grateful to the boob and feel very blessed to be able to breastfeed my baby...I don't know what I would do without it.

There are so many circumstances in which the boob is MAGIC.

Baby only slept for half an hour and needs to sleep more?...boob him.

Baby is being picky and won't eat any of the solids he's offered but is still obviously hungry?...boob him.

Baby falls down and bumps his head?...boob him.

Baby getting shots?...boob him.

Baby won't calm down for any number of different reasons?...boob him.

I have discontinued the use of the boob to PUT my baby to sleep as that was causing all sorts of problems, but to put him BACK to sleep?  Still magic.

Ok that's a lie, I just put him down for a nap an hour ago with my boob...but as long as he's not waking up after half an hour anymore I think it's OK!

As I said in my last post I honestly can't imagine in just 3 months weaning him off the boob, so more realistically I'm thinking breastfeeding will continue until 18 months?  But hopefully still less than 2 years! 

 I used to be able to nap with him NOT attached to my boob, he was just a few weeks old here...

 Not anymore!  But look how big his head has gotten!


  1. LOL, Stells eased up on nursing a bit around 9 months - I think to every 3 hrs or so? Daycare honestly helped her get used to spacing things out. I totally get the "boob fix" though - it's magic! Stella's 17 months this week and I'm just finally starting to think it's time to ratchet this down (at 2x/day now). It's nice when something is relatively "easy" to do though for once! Those pics are priceless. :)

  2. Love the pics! The Butzerl and I nap a lot like this, as well (and sleep like this at least part of the night).

    We're now at almost 6.5 months (we started solids about 3 weeks ago, since he insisted) and I totally agree: boob is magic (though the paci often works better for soothing with my little guy).

  3. I LOVE the photos of you guys. Such a precious time spent together. Ever is also a "boob baby" wants to be on them ALL THE TIME. But as Josey said, daycare totally helped her become more reqular, or expect or need it more regularly. I secretly love that she is so bonded to my boobs, it an AMAZING tool to use for everything, but sometimes I curse it too, like when she pacifies on me in public, or she falls asleep on the breast in public, so I take off my hooter hider and let her sleep in my arms and she wakes like a baby bird moments later searching for a boob! Gah!

  4. sounds like the magic boobs will also keep you from getting pregnant forever if he keeps nursing like that! I loved the nursing to sleep, but had to finally stop when she wouldn't let me sneak her off, and when one night she decided she needed me to come nurse her every time she woke up...once it started affecting our night sleep, we were done :(.

  5. I thought I'd wean between 1 & 2... Here i am nearly 3 years after the 1 year mark and winston still nurses! ...I may be insane...