Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Laugh In The Face of CIO

Guys, it wasn't that bad.

I didn't even cry.

And it least for night one.

I actually want to laugh at myself for how stressed I was yesterday.  

Here's the deal...I left the house.  I was not here for the actual crying it out portion of the evening BUT it only lasted 40 minutes.  

He cries for 40 minutes to be put to sleep on a normal non-CIO sort of evening.  Which I find hard to listen to, but that's the point we were at, so this wasn't that different!

I was expecting him to hit the full 2 hours and have to call the whole thing off...I thought he would be more stubborn!

After he went down for the night IN HIS CRIB it was 8:40pm and he didn't cry again until 10:30pm.  That's right 2 hours in his crib with no mama next to him, no intervention to keep him asleep whatsoever.

That was already amazing, as I came home at 9:30pm so Dom and I actually had some alone time to catch up on some of our shows!

At 10:30 he was easily calmed by Dom going in to talk to him...and he put himself back to sleep.

At 12:30am he woke up for a feed and went back to sleep.

HE THEN STAYED ASLEEP UNTIL HIS NEXT FEED AT 4:15AM! night and he already got a 4 hour stretch in. I was amazed!

After the second feed I set him back down and he started crying just a few minutes after I left him.  In Dom goes and settles him easily again with words and some light touch...and then baby stayed awake until 5am...and then put himself back to sleep!

At 7am I thought he was up for the day so I went to get him and brought him back to the bed with us for what I thought would be morning snuggles and giggles.  But he had other plans and wanted to nurse...and so did I.  So we nursed for a bit and we all slept for another hour and half together in the big bed.

I'm pretty sure that last part isn't allowed...but we'll see what sleep lady says about it after I update her this morning.

It was not a restful night AT ALL for us as we were up and down a lot and just generally I was sleeping VERY light because the baby was in another room and it was just...different to be listening to him over the monitor rather than having him next to me.

In the morning Baby Jett was exactly the same baby as he was the day before, all smiles and giggles and happy as can be...he seems to bear no ill will towards his parents for making him cry...was I really afraid of this?  Yes, I think I was.  I was convinced he was going to hate us the next day...I guess that's giving my baby adult emotions that he doesn't yet have.

To which I say, Thank God!

I will continue to update everyone as we continue along this path, as there generally seems to be regressions along the way and you know at some point I have to be able to put him down like this myself as the hubs travels again next week!

But for right now after NIGHT ONE of CIO, we're fine.  Baby Jett is fine and Baby Jett SLEPT.

And the saga continues into NIGHT TWO...


  1. Ooooh! This is great news! I know that trying CIO is a huge, hard step for most people, so I'm uber thankful that it's working for you and Jett!!

  2. So glad night one was a success! I've heard it gets easier and by night 3 things are good! Keep me posted! I'm looking at your blog for inspiration for when we sleep train our princess!

  3. P.S. I'm interested to know how you deal with naps? Do you do treat naps the same as bed or do you separate the two? Ie work on nights first and then work on sleep during the day. How long do you let the CIO go during the day?

  4. yay!!! So glad it went so great, I was stressing out for you. Baby Jett has got this thing down! HOpefully by the time Dom leaves he is an old pro and it's no big deal. Keep us posted!

  5. Congrats on night one! May the following nights be just as easy.
    We sort of half-assed tried last night, although I wasn't quite prepared for it and I did cry, a lot. In the end we the parents failed and little boy won. But I figure when I am ready for it, I will be more prepared for it and hopefully handle it better. I'll be reading how if works out for you. I'm horrified of CIO, but not sure what else to try.

  6. YAY! Hope it has continued...we are in the same boat to get Roo into her own room but she sleeps with me after she wakes up to nurse at 3am.