Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Boobs Revisited

I'd like to revisit the status of my boobs.

When last I left you here these babies were producing...and spraying....milk like there was no tomorrow.

And they were big.  Full D's.  That was big for me folks, I know some of you have like HH's or some other crazy letter with your new mama boobs, but D's were big for me!

Everyone told me that things would calm down and settle somewhere around the 12 week mark.

Well 12 weeks came and went and we were STILL making enough milk for me to provide for my own baby, pump 5 oz bottles even after a feeding and also donate to several women in my midwife group who didn't produce enough milk.  

I was convinced it was all a bunch of crap and that I was just going to make tons of milk forever.  I was going to be like the Mother Teresa of Nursing and just continue to donate milk to women with low supply everywhere.

And then FINALLY somewhere around Week 16, 4 months in to this whole breastfeeding thing, the boobs got the message that I didn't give birth to triplets and relaxed.

It was such a subtle change that I wouldn't have noticed it except for the fact that my brand new bras suddenly didn't fit.

I found these really pretty nursing bras whist in London and bought them in D's.  I tried them on, amusingly spraying everywhere all over the dressing room while trying them on and they fit beautifully.

Two weeks later after we'd returned home my beautiful new bras suddenly didn't fit anymore.

Sad face.

So, here we are 4 months of nursing and my boobs have shrunk back to their pre-pregnancy size of 34C and they are now just kind of always full of a certain amount of milk.  Engorgement is rare and deflation is rare, they are just sort of always semi-full , so much so that I have a lot of trouble remembering which boob baby last fed on.  Before it was easy because one boob was huge and the other was not, now they always feel the same!

Annoyingly, pumping now only gets me 3-4 oz. and that's every drop and takes half an hour.  I used to be able to pump 5 oz. in 20 minutes and that was with me choosing to stop the pump because pumping is tedious and boring, not because my boob was done giving milk.  

In hindsight I should have built up more of a freezer stock in those first 4 months...but they would of been tainted with dairy...so nevermind!  Advice to new mamas though, build up your freezer stock before your milk regulates!

I already miss my D cups.

So there you have it, oversupply or not, things DO eventually regulate in the milk department!!!  How long did it take some of you other new mamas???  Longer than the 3 months they promised?


  1. I can't help you in the milk department, just stopped by to say super cute bra! I hope you get to keep wearing it.

  2. Ugh, you are reminding me that I should buy a pump and get on it....which I haven't yet, and really should if I ever want this baby to take a bottle or if i ever want to leave the house without her! I feel like my boobs have kind of aways been semi-regulated....they always seem not super full but not empty - except mornings. I wonder what will happen at 3 months? ps - jett is adorable, i have been wanting to tell you but can't comment from my phone.

  3. I'm currently at 4+ months and they are doing the opposite. I thought they regulated about a month ago and now suddenly it's back into overdrive. I wake up in the middle of the night and lay there deciding between pumping enough to relieve the pain so I can sleep or waking the babies up to nurse. If I ever want them to sleep through the night I think it's best just to pump a bit. You give me hope that this engorgement thing will stop. That is one good looking bra - feel free to send it my way as my boobs keep growing and my new bigger bras are all too small ;)

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