Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Very Very Late 4 Month Update

I didn't do these monthly Baby Jett things...and now I regret it.

I'm not gonna call it postpartum depression because as far as I understand it that comes from the hormones right after you give birth right?  But that whole dairy/colic fiasco really fucked with me and I had absolutely no desire to document and remember things about my baby for a 6 week span I didn't write any of it down...which now makes me sad.  

But I'll try to make up for it now.

And I did take the piccies!

I'm retarded and forgot to take the 4 month photo at home (we're in Oregon for the month of December) on the pretty on me.

So, here we are at 4 months Baby Jett:
  • Is somewhere in the 15-16 lb range (Dr. apppt Jan. 4 for his real weight) but we bumped up his BumGenius diapers to the medium size which is supposed to happen at 16 lbs, so he must be close to that.  He's still pretty tall and skinny though, so most of his clothes are now 6 month because of the length and are generally a bit baggy around the middle!
  • Rolls from belly to back, though most of the time he blatantly refuses, but he CAN do it when he chooses.
  • Love mirrors, if you stick him in front of a mirror he just smiles and smiles and smiles at himself.
  • Does amazing on playmats for good chunks of time.  He spends his hour of awake time in the morning happily amusing himself on his playmat.
  • Still nurses around the clock, rarely going for longer than 2-3 hours but some days is so distracted  WITH LIFE that he goes 4 hours or so without nursing...on those days he feeds ALL NIGHT LONG.
  • Can grab with both hands and will stick anything he can get his hands on into his mouth.
  • Loves looking at food!  He doesn't actually watch us eat, but loves looking at the food on the plate.
  • Is a smiley happy baby most of the time and has THE BEST LAUGH I've ever heard come out of a baby.  No bias at all.
  • Only cries when he needs something.  Food, diaper change, different position, burp, nap etc.
  • Is generally a craptastic sleeper.  Naps are slowly improving but nighttime is a crap shoot.  Sometimes we get longer stretches but some nights LIKE LAST NIGHT baby is feeding every hour or much for unlocking baby sleep secrets!  He will sleep on his own for naps but at nighttime he just wants to cuddle up to mommy and wakes up the second I try to sneak away from him!
  • Loves the TV.  I don't sit him down in front of it and let the TV babysit him, but if it's on and I'm sitting on the couch and he's smiling away at the TV in my arms I don't force him away from it...he especially likes Sofia Vergara.
  • Will go to anybody, no stranger danger yet, but wants mommy when he's super tired and cranky.
  • After a bit of a rocky stretch, he is turning into an awesome baby =)
First snow!


  1. Precious photo of Jett in the snow! Gosh, he's growing so fast. I'm so glad you two are settling in together and getting in your mommy son groove. :)

  2. Love the snow picture! He's such a doll! I can't wait to snuggle him!!!

  3. So cute!!!! It's hard to write things down that you don't want to remember. Maybe it's good not to write down some of the tougher earlier stuff...