Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Baby #2 Has Broken Me Too

So much for getting the 2nd one sleeping better than the first.

It happened.  Just like last time.  He broke me.

Noah.  Oh baby Noah.  Noah got VERY sick, so sick that we were making daily trips to the pediatrician to check oxygen levels and breathing, desperately hoping we wouldn't have to make a trip to the hospital.  So sick that he had to be held all night long because he had to be upright to sleep.  Laying him down (even on an elevated surface) resulted in horrible coughing fits.

It was so awful.

So that was last week.  Three nights ago he finally made the move back to the crib and while I was desperately hoping he would go back to sleeping at least 3 hours it seems he has most definitely not.

He's awake every 2 hours.

Unfortunately THE SICKNESS finally hit me as well and there was no way I could stomach sleep training when I was feeling so so sick myself.

But last night was really awful.

Down at 7pm after having to be PUT to sleep, he would not settle on his own at the beginning of the night, something we've never really struggled with but definitely struggled with while he was sick.

Then he was up at 9pm, I fed him because I hadn't fed him since 6pm and I was hoping to go to bed myself and get a few hours sleep.  But it was not to be.

Up at midnight (feed), then 2am and at this point he wouldn't go back to sleep even though we were doing a nursing/rocking to sleep sort of thing NOT CIO.  But cry he did.  Dom went in at 3am.  No dice.  Somewhere around 4am I finally tried to nurse him to sleep again.  Down for a whopping HOUR.  Up again at 5am, husband rocked him for AN HOUR.  Then he was up again at 6:30am.  I tried nursing him again at this point but he wouldn't go back to sleep.  So, I turned off the monitor, left him in the crib and Dom finally went to get him at 7:15am.

It was a really miserable night. we are.  Broken.

We have no other options left to us when nursing and rocking him to sleep don't even work.  As in even when we're not CIO he's still crying.

This happened with Jett.  We got to the point where he was crying no matter what we did, so CIO wasn't much different, he was just crying by himself instead of in our arms.

We were actually mid CIO when he got sick so this is actually CIO 2.0.  But CIO 1.0 wasn't really working out so well, we had many a night where he was up for 2 hours crying and we had to resort to nursing to get him back to sleep.  So I'm REALLY not looking forward to this.

But here we are back in the exact same place we were 3 years ago.

Wish us luck.  WE NEED IT



  1. I'm thinking of you!! What is with second babies getting the nasty coughs??? Geez, your night was exactly like several we had for Owen... I didn't think literally "getting no sleep" with a baby was possible.. until I went to work on about 1 hour of cumulative sleep. IT IS HORRIBLE. I really hope this passes quickly!!! Ask the Dr. about a nebulizer possibly?? We got to that point with Owen, and he would breathe it in while eating before bed and it really helped with the coughing and congestion.

  2. Oh Noah, SLEEP for your Mama, baby. I hope this improves quickly for you guys.