Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Baby Jett - 12 Months happened.  My baby turned 1.

We're leaving our baby days behind and entering...TODDLERDOM.  More grammatically known as toddlerhood.

So crazy.

It went so fast and so slow at the same time.  I'm a little bit in awe that we made it through the first year relatively unscathed.

At ONE YEAR Baby Jett:

Weight: 19 lbs. 4 oz - Skinny little bastard - 10th percentile for weight.
Height: 31 inches - Tall little bastard - 85th percentile for height.
Head: 18.25 inches - Perfectly in the middle at 50th percentile.
  • He's quite the dancer, he has songs he likes on commercials and when they come on he starts dancing and singing along. He also has a toy that plays a particularly catchy tune that he will dance to whenever he plays with it.
  • Has a Love/Hate relationship with the vacuum.  He's absolutely fascinated with it and will point at it and touch it and open the cabinet where it lives if he comes downstairs and finds it closed, but if you turn it on, OH HELL NO, and he starts crying and screaming...even if you're holding him.
  • Can suck through a straw.  It never occurred to me to try out straws but someone came over with a sippy cup with a straw and Jett figured it out almost instantly.
  • Points at EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING.  We try to tell him the name of everything that he points at but halfway through the day I'm exhausted and feel like I'm going to go crazy if I say "key" "remote" "book" one more time!  Which is obnoxious because...
  • He does not talk!  He has ZERO words in his vocabulary so far and the pediatrician said it was fine BUT that she'd like 3 words from him by his 15 month appt.  So now we've amped up the "mama" "dada" "kitty" and I really am going to go crazy if this kid doesn't start talking soon.
  • As well as not talking he also blatantly refused to use sign language of any kind.  He KNOWS what the milk sign means and will sit calmly and wait for my boob if I say milk and do the sign for him but under no circumstances will he do it back to me.  If I can ever get him to just do that one sign instead of pulling my shirt down I will teach him others, but for now I've given up on "more" and "done" and am concentrating on "milk".
  • He's an eater!  I have found NOTHING that he won't eat now...except his birthday cupcake, which is awesome after his hunger strike.  He definitely prefers to be fed over feeding himself though, BOO.
  • Sleeps like a champ.  Naps are still great and he sleeps 11 hours straight through the night.  Only when he's teething does he seem to have trouble.  Even our travels to Oregon have not upset the sleeping through the night.
  • Speaking of teething, he's got his 4th tooth!  So we have a matching set of 2 on bottom and 2 on top and a 5th one about to make an appearance on the top.
  • Has perfected the fake cry.  He now pushes that bottom lip out and squeezes out some big fat crocodile tears INSTANTLY when you tell him no or take something away from him.  He can also turn it off as soon as he's happy again.  It's impressive.
  • He's a climber.  He gets into and UP everything that he possibly can.  He's climbed up the fridge, up the pantry shelves, up the drawers to reach the top of the counter, into boxes and cabinets, up the high chair.  If it can be climbed he will try to climb it.
  • Likes to push anything that can be pushed around the house.  He rearranges our furniture on a daily basis.  Garbage can gets moved to the living room, chairs get moved to the hall etc etc.  Every night we have to set our house straight times.
  • As of his official first birthday he was not quite walking just taking a few steps, but just 3 days later he really plunged ahead with the walking and will do about 10 steps now and is really trying to walk places instead of dropping to a crawl immediately.  I'm pretty sure in just a few days this is going to become the new normal mode of locomotion!  Watch out world, here comes Jett!

 I'm glad we're done with these!

 Cousins!  God his hair is ridiculous!  I swear he's not bald on the top there...

 He was NOT impressed with his cupcake.  He wouldn't eat it!

Family Portrait

A shoutout to Leah at Everyday Love for making Baby Jett's awesome first birthday onesie!  Check out her shop for your kiddos!


  1. Awh - happy birthday Jett!

    FWIW - my sis didn't talk until she was 3, and then she spoke in full sentences immediately. Totally wild. :)

    At 12mo Stella signed "all done" intermittently, and that was it. Between months 14-15 she suddenly started signing away, and it was NICE to have her tell us "more milk please" all through signing!

    You have a one year old. How trippy is that? :)

  2. yeah for almost walking!! and making it a year!!! fun times are ahead. :-)

  3. Your commentary is hilarious! Hmmm- a sign language hold out. I've been signing with Iyla forever and wonder if she'll ever respond back. We may be in the same camp there.

    I can't believe its been a year either! He just gets cuter and cuter. What a fun ride it is!

  4. Happy Birthday Jett! Yay for walking! And I have an "interior decorator" over here too :)

  5. Happy birthday, big little man!

  6. Happy Birthday Jett! Love all the birthday pics!

  7. for the record, i did read this a month ago when you wrote it :). Only I am just now at an actual computer with a ability to comment. One, I cannot believe that your baby is a year old! I remember when I first stumbled across you blog (or rather you found me!) when you were 15 weeks along! And our matching bellies.....and here this baby is one. Have we really been at this that long already? He is adorable, and clearly way too busy kicking around the world and finding things to get into to bother with talking and sign language! A friend of mine's little guy is the same, was crawling crazy early at 5 months, and here she is signing at his little butt as he takes off! Congrats mama, you survived the first year!!