Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Baby Jett - 10 Months

First I have to record Baby Jett's 9 Month stats...for posterity sake of course!

Remember how I said I was sure he was no more than 18 lbs.

Mommy was spot on.

At  9 Months Baby Jett weighed 18 lbs exactly, still in the 18th percentile.
And is once again tall at 29.75 inches which is the 85th percentile.

And 3 weeks later at 10 months I'm sure he weighs no more than 18.5 lbs but I'm pretty sure he's over 30 inches which means WE NEED A NEW CAR SEAT.  I can't believe we need a new car seat.  Our car seat has a weight limit of 30 lbs but a height limit of 30 inches.  Crap.

At least this one lasts until he's 65 lbs!  He'll be like 8 by then =)

I feel like I've started 17 different posts over the last few weeks but have managed to post NONE of them, so it looks like I'll just summarize everything here.

Here's what's new this month.
  • He waves.  He's been a 2 handed waver for awhile and he would wave for no reason but he finally "gets" waving, as in with one hand and it's when we see people or they're leaving...he really likes to wave at people's backs after they've already left.
  • He shaking his head back and forth when he hears music.  Clearly he gets his dancing skills from daddy because that is definitely NOT how mommy dances.  Sometimes he sings along as cute!
  • He learned to go down the stairs, you know backwards as in NOT face first and throwing himself down expecting someone to catch him.  We've been working on this for awhile as there are A LOT of stairs in our house and you know...just lots of stairs in SF in general.
  • He "shares".  He'll hand you things but then he wants them right back, sometimes he doesn't even really let it go before snatching it back.  But his face lights up when he offers something and you take it and say thank you.
  • He has a new fake cry where he squishes he face up and squints his eyes...real cry the bottom lip sticks out, fake cry no bottom lip.
  • He understands how things go IN things, so now everything goes in something, toys in his baby potty, cheerios in the bumbo, bowls in pots, spoons in drawers, booty in giant silver vase that no one would ever think to look for booty in etc etc.  I keep opening drawers to find things that definitely don't belong there and we're definitely starting to "lose" toys as they end up in drawers or cupboards or the above mentioned vase. 
  • Had his first virus.  He was sick with rose.ola.  He handled it pretty well, though he was kind of miserable for most of a week, including when grandma and grandpa came to visit.
  • Was the BEST SLEEPER EVER when he was was kind of amazing.  Long  1-2 hour naps twice every day and LONG stretches of sleep at night with only one waking.
  • Promptly went back to SHITTY SHITTY SLEEP once he was better.  Although naps stayed awesome.  YES, NAPS ARE AWESOME NOW.  He went back to waking every 3 hours for almost a week.  But now back to one night waking again.  Sleeping seems to always be a work in progress.
  • He is suddenly scared of loud noises, he bursts into tears when he's startled by loud noises now.
  • Has been on a hunger strike.  He stopped eating meat awhile ago but then he stopped eating bread (which he loved) and then he stopped eating all the veggies that he used to love.  So basically he eats fruit.  Pediatrician said don't worry about it as long as he's still breastfeeding.  Just keep offering.  We waste a lot of food that he doesn't eat these days.
  • He still nurses all day long, he basically never makes it more than 2 hours without at least a little snack. 
  • Still only has the 2 bottom teeth...which he brushes every night in the bathtub.
  • Has learned how to get under the bedskirt and has discovered the wonderland of wires we have hiding under there.

  • Suddenly hates the bath.  He used to LOVE the he makes it about 3 minutes before he bursts into tears and tries to climb idea what happened. 
Now get ready for the piccies of cuteness.

He is so over this laying on his back for pictures malarkey.  Good thing I only have 2 more months of these!


  1. Happy 10 months Jett! How funny that he slept so well when he was sick... opposite for most kiddos. Love that picture of him sneaking under the bed for the wires and cords. Why do babies like cords so much?!?!

  2. he look so much like you its crazy!!!!! Austin went through the same weird eating strike.. he was down to basically just crackers for a bit, but then picked back up. Maybe he's getting more teeth and the fruit feels good to him. :-) Sorry he had his first virus.. poor bubba. :-(

  3. He's a cutie. So question - when he wakes at night, do you feed him? Mine is now 6 (almost 6 1/2 months). Most nights he's a good sleeper with a bit of tossing and turning. But, if I stick the paci in his mouth, he'll go right back to sleep. It's a small window to catch him. BUT - if he becomes too conscious, he realized how wet his diaper is, SCREAMS his head off and then there's no calming him down without a little feeding. After which, he'll go right back to sleep. So I feed him and try not to think that I'm creating a monster who will always want to be fed if he wakes up. But if it's been 5 or 6 hours, I have to think he really *is* hungry! Ah, this motherhood thing...

  4. He is seriously such an amazingly adorable little boy!! I love these updates. Always a fun window of what's to come for us. : )

  5. What a handsome little devil! And that smile ... to die for.

  6. He's so cute! And really looking like his mama! I love seeing what fun things I have to look forward to in the months to come!

  7. Such a cutie! Can't believe he is over ten months now. We went through a bath thing (for a few months!) too. I honestly think what finally got her over it was going in the pool with seemed to just slowly transition from there and she loves it again.
    R wants to eat once a night now too....I am trying to cut her from it by sending Jon in, and she will usually settle immediately for him - but just wakes again later. So by the time she has woken us for the third time I give in and just nurse her. It's something I am not sure how to fix, and I really don't want to let her wake up in the night and nobody go to her.