Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Turning a Corner

It's no secret that me and Baby Jett struggled to survive the first few months...especially after my husband went back to work traveling and Baby Jett developed my worst nightmare...colic.

Nighttime sleep notwithstanding, sometime in the last month things got easier.

We've turned a corner.

I can't pinpoint the week it happened exactly, but I think it might have been in London when we were finally able to get him down for naps consistently and Baby Jett started to develop a sleep routine.

Mornings are so predictable now that I can actually PLAN a bit of my day around baby naps.

Before now it's been very very unpredictable when baby would go down for a nap and if I would have to hold him for the duration of the nap or if he would let me set him down, so it was hard to figure out when I would:

Clean the kitchen
Make Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
Do the Laundry
Pick up my bedroom
Take a shower
Get Dressed
Put makeup on...

And the list goes on and on.

Basically I was just winging it every day, hoping to get at least something done, but planning on a day of baby holding and little else.

But I can do it all, even with only half hour baby naps I can get shit long as I don't plan too much into my day.

Certain things I do while baby is sleeping like laundry (SO many stairs involved with laundry) and cleaning up the kitchen.

Other things I've figured out are easier to do while baby is awake...he "helps" =)

Like cooking, baby helps cook.  I just keep a running monologue of what I'm doing and make sure he always has his "green beans" handy to shove in his mouth.  If he gets bored here, there's a mat nearby and a vibrating chair, as long as I rotate him every 15-20 minutes he's happy.

Also things like taking a shower is easier when he's awake.  I just plop a blanket down in the hallway outside the bathroom, put baby on the blanket, leave the door open and hop in the shower.  Baby happily plays on the blanket while I take a shower, popping my head out every now and again to make faces and talk to baby so he doesn't get bored.  I also feel like I can take a longer shower when he's awake and I can see him because if he's sleeping in another room I get paranoid that he's woken up and is screaming and I just can't hear him because of the shower.

And then we move on into the bedroom and he goes down on another blanket or the swing and he happily amuses himself while I get myself ready for the day.

I know this will only last another month or two until baby is mobile, so I'm taking advantage now while I can.  Because of course I will have to completely change everything up again when he can roll and crawl.

But for now, at 4 months old, things are easier.

Even now as I type, Baby Jett is hovering nearby happily amusing himself on his play mat.

Dom is even gone...all week...and when I got the news that baby and I would be spending the week on our own there was no dread, no sense of doom, no fear, because I GOT THIS.  I might have taken 4 months but finally, finally I got this motherhood thing down...

At least until the next developmental milestone throws another curveball at me.


  1. Aw, love this post and LOVE the pictures of sweet Jett! What a cutie! I especially love how he helps you cook with his green beans. Your blog has always been a window into the near future for me- and I look forward to the days when Iyla is on more of a predictable schedule as well. For now we are in the newborn sleepy unpredictable time, but I am trying to appreciate and savor each phase as I know it all goes by quickly. Four months old looks like so much fun!

  2. YAY!!!

    Stella was never a roller and didn't crawl until exactly 8 months, so months 5-8 were AWESOME. I would sit her in one place with some toys scattered around her and she would play to her heart's content while I cooked/showered/etc. Child was SO happy to be sitting upright. Crawling/furniture cruising is fun now, but it's definitely a whole new learning curve. You'll figure out each stage. :) I'm glad you're feeling to happy and confident again lately!

  3. So happy to hear the sleep has come a long way. It is great that he has a predictable morning sleep routine. Month 4-7 were wonderful, they are so alert but you don't have to chase after Enjoy!!!!

  4. So glad you're finding a groove. We are definitely in the unpredictable winging it daily phase. It's comforting to me to hear you we're there and survived!

  5. Austin turned a corner at 4 months too and became a total joy.. its getting thru those 3 months of "the 4th Trimester" that is hell. Everyone in the Mommy and Me group we went to said their babies suddenly became awesome and much easier at 4 months. I'm glad you are there!!!! I agree with KC above.. months 4-7 were my absolute favorite!!!! Now Austin is starting to be more like a toddler and throw fits, whine to get his way and be defiant. Here we go... :-)

  6. The 4 month mark seems to be the key. They can play, be amused by toys etc which allows you to get things done. I also found both my babies started taking more consistent naps at 4 months you may just see that happen. Your baby rotation sounds a lot like what we used to do.... we called them "baby stations" and 15-30 minutes at each was the norm...playmat, swing, johnny jump up, excersaucer....we rotated the baby through them often with fun little cuddle and feeding sessions in between. I miss those days sometimes. So glad you are finding your groove.

  7. love this post and am so glad to read that things are going much better. We've hit a bit of a bump with sleeping, mostly at night, though sometimes during the day (like right this instant) and I'll be happy when he's a bit easier to get to sleep and he sleeps a bit longer.
    May things continue to be great for you both/three.

  8. I feel like motherhood was SO much more rewarding when Deklan got a little older! Not sure why since they are so easy when they are little- maybe it's the hormones but us moms have to get into a groove for sure! Your babe is precious!

  9. YAY, glad it's working out so well now! Our little one loves sleeping on his tummy too. Each stage is definitely a learning curve, once we figure it out something new comes alone.

  10. Such great news, can't wait for that! Of course that's when I should be going back to work... Blah. Oh and I ran out and got the probiotics after your comment and used it the last couple days. Do you just give it to him once a day? He slept the best he's slept in weeks the first night but last night was tough again... But I also cheated and had a little cheese so that may have been why. Man I can't wait for predictability!

  11. when he starts crawling get one of those baby jumper things that go in the doorway - that's what i did with winston for showers when davio was gone, and what i plan to do with hudson! LIFESAVER!!!!